Letter from Carl Fortune, DeKalb, Texas

I was just reading about the Shalom Dome that you all recently completed and fond memories of my time at your workshop earlier this year came pouring in. David, Gary, and all of the staff I want you to know you all put on a GREAT workshop.

Letter from: Cindy Quaintance, Edgerton, Kansas

Quite frequently, we receive letters from customers who have experienced, first hand, the energy benefits of a Monolithic Dome home. Recently, Cindy Quaintance from Edgerton, Kansas wrote the following:

Domers respond to Moore, Oklahoma

Just a day after the devastating tornado in Moore, Monolithic began receiving phone calls and emails about that tragedy. We greatly appreciate all comments.

Students of Sustainable Architecture comment on Monolithic Domes

Monolithic’s president, David B. South, recently received an email from Dr. David W. Randle, Managing Director of the International Ocean Institute Waves of Change campaign. According to its website, the Waves of Change mission is “To empower and mobilize a broad range of stakeholders to protect the oceans and promote ocean sustainability." In his email, Dr. Randle wrote, “Thought you would enjoy these comments from a few students in my class this Semester. I think I told you that we are teaching the Monolithic Dome as a best practice in sustainable building construction. Thanks for the good work you and your Monolithic team do.”

Expert Extols Domes’ Virtues

Craig Crossman is a national columnist who writes about computers and technology, and also hosts a popular radio talk show called “Computer America.” While his focus is usually on computers, he knows a good thing when he sees it and does not hesitate to write about it. That’s why he recently penned a column on Monolithic Domes that was published by the Palm Beach Daily News and other newspapers across the United States.

Letter From: Knute Swanson- Dewey, AZ

Sorry for delay in writing as you as you asked about my heating and cooling costs for my 60’ Dome. You built my dome in 2004. I had interior done by local contractors. Framing was 2×6 with storage floor above garage with TGI beams. My Trane Heat Pump was installed on storage floor by Indian Air. All walls are insulated.

Letter From: Benjamin Neusse

While attending the April Workshop by day, I had the fortune of dreaming by night within the comfort of a Monolithic Dome. Such immersion brought to life the ability of Monolithic Domes to fill the vast structural needs of humanity. The integration of the most advanced building materials with nature’s perfect shape excited me about the capability domes have to shelter our lives.

Letter From: David Del Bosque, Superintendent Avalon ISD

Damage sustained by Avalon ISD’s Monolithic Dome multipurpose/disaster center was limited to a few glass blocks which have been repaired. But a house across the road from the dome lost its roof and the school’s 60-year-old gymnasium was severely damaged. The school hopes to replace that old gym with another Monolithic Dome.

May’s tornadoes, specifically the one that rumbled through Avalon, served as a reminder of how precious and dear our children, school and community is to all of us. While we feared and marveled at nature’s fury, we counted our blessings that no one individual was harmed.

Letter From: Steven Self, Woodsboro ISD

South Industries completed our dome project on the Woodsboro ISD Multipurpose Center in late Fall of 2010. The project took approximately 2 and half months. I found them to be conscientious and dedicated to their work. They were on site at the appropriate time and completed the job ahead of schedule.

Facebook post from: Shawn Reynolds

Here in Kasilof, Alaska this morning it was -9 outside. Inside our Monolithic dome its 70. I tell everyone that we can heat up the downstairs with just 3 candles and nobody believes me until they see it.

Letter From: Kevin McGuckin- The Inn Place at Brenham, Texas

On a stretch of Interstate 35, in Central Texas between Waco and Waxahachie, is an enormous caterpillar. The curious stop to explore and come across Monolithic Dome Village. The caterpillar is a manufacturing warehouse; there are dome offices, dome storage buildings and upwards of 60 domes rented out as single person dwellings.  I was informed that these buildings are ‘green’ in every way.  They will withstand winds of 450 miles an hour (FEMA rates them as near absolute protection), they are environmentally friendly and have an R value of 60.  Their lifespan is measured in centuries, they don’t burn, or rot, or get eaten by termites. I decided to sign up for the workshop that Monolithic offers to learn how to build them.

Interview With: Jay Watson- Kelton ISD

Note: When we recently interviewed Mr. Watson for an article about the new Monolithic Dome on his campus, he had great comments about the project that didn’t get into the article. Here’s what he had to say:

Letter From: David Del Bosque, Avalon ISD

Yesterday we mobilized over 300 people into the Multipurpose Center very quickly and safely. First, I would like to commend all district staff for your quick response and how orderly you moved students to shelter. It was important that we do this quickly without causing a panic. We were able to accomplish that yesterday.

Letter From: Michael J Carr, Mikes Custom Services

My name is Michael Carr and I own a company called Mikes Custom Services. I am writing this letter out of respect and admiration for the Figeroa Family ie. Javier, Blanca, Fransisco, & Monserat. I became aware of them through Monolithic, because I was building my first dome & they ( Monolithic ) generously offered to hire Javier out, to help me build my dome.

Letter From: Wortman Residence- Fair Play, Colorado

I would like to give you my heartfelt thanks and blessings for helping me make my 30 year dream come true. I had a dream many years ago of building a home like you create but in 1986 when you first built the Emmet, Idaho High school, I realized that my dream would come true…

Letter From: Danny McCuiston- Geronimo ISD

Please consider this letter as a letter of reference for the utilization of the Monolithic Dome method of construction for your consideration. This school district has just completed five (5) dome structures and are very satisfied the buildings will be energy efficient, safe from weather extremes and have a very long life. We also feel one of the most positive attributes to the construction of the Monolithic Dome is the simplicity of the design which will allow the building to retain it’s usefulness and far outlast conventional building methods.

Letter from: Kirk Long, Fredricksburg, Virgina

Thank you again for another great class, I learned so much more the second time around. Gary, Javier, Frank and the rest of the crew are always very hospitable and go the extra mile to help students learn! — Kirk Long, Fredricksburg, Virgina

Excerpt of a Letter from Beggs Public Schools

People come from all over the nation to see them. They are wonderful. We recently looked at the past year’s savings in utilities in these buildings verses traditional style buildings of the same size.

Letter From: Ronald Baxter, Tulsa, Oklahoma

I really learned a lot last week. Actually building the cabin answered a lot of questions for me. Some of the pitfalls to watch out for and how having real professionals would make things run a lot smoother. I also see that I may need to focus on my strengths which is healing and health counseling. My vision is to have a cabin as an office at first, then build my home then a small community a healing village where people come to get well and learn about themselves. Well I really enjoyed the class and thank you for your time. — Ronald Baxter, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Letter From: Charlie Simmons – Florida

It has been a distinct pleasure working with Monolithic and with South Industries. You and Larry Byrne were most helpful in the planning stages and I thank you. As a business owner, I recognize and appreciate professionalism and performance and your organization exhibits it in every way. You make the customer immediately comfortable in trusting you and the feeling continues to increase as the project progressses.

Letter From: Bishop Gene A. Moore- Pastor

Mr. South, I want you to know that Monolithic Constructors has been very instrumental in making my vision a reality – “Dome City.” It is my prayer that the Cathedral and Dome of Restoration will be the light of our community where people from all cultures will come together to worship.

Letter From: Patricia Dale Wittman

I think this has to be the most wonderful construction concept in centuries. My husband wanted to convince me of the benefits of having this type of construction. I was wary of the idea at first but after having explored your website I can’t wait to get more information and see about purchasing property for our first home which I want to be a Monolithic Dome. I can’t imagine living in a conventionally built home anymore and want to tell everyone I know and meet about domes and their benefits. I think we should all be living in one. Thank you for showing me my dream home.

Letter From: Dr. Ronnie Trice, Pastor

I am the pastor of Marantha Church in Mont Belvieu, Texas. We constructed our dome facility in 1984 and have been very pleased with it and all of its benefits. It is extremely energy efficient causing our energy bills to be low. To date, our heater has never even been turned on. We only turn on our air conditioners for church services two days a week. The temperature in the dome on days when the air is turned off never fluctuates more than ten degrees, even in 100 degree weather. Because we have music in our services, we installed a fiberglass lay-in ceiling and carpeting some facial walls. I have no doubts in recommending this type of construction to anyone. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call my office at 281/576-2259.

Letter From: John Graham, Littleton, CO

“I want to express my thanks and appreciation for the terrific workshop. I found it intensive and quite thorough, sometimes to the extent of information overload, but no complaints on that from me. The atmosphere was warm and friendly thanks to you and your staff. Again, my sincere thanks to you”—John Graham, Littleton, CO

Letter From: Nori Lamphere, Onalaska, Washington

I’m back from the Monolithic Dome Dome Builders Workshop, and I learned a lot. While part of what I learned was how much I already knew, the seemingly inconsequential little bits were what made the workshop so valuable to me.

Letter From: Tom and Linda Summer- Conway, AR

“I thought I had patience and teaching talents until I sat in on the Monolithic Dome classes. Now I feel I have experienced people with REAL patience and teaching talents. Our heads are still spinning – even after a week – with all the knowledge and wisdom given to us. The classes were far more valuable to us than the mere $750.00 you charge. We look forward to and anticipate an on going relationship with Monolithic. We can’t even begin to convey the true gratitude we feel after having attended the workshop. We thank all of those on the Team at Monolithic.”—Tom and Linda Summer, Conway, AR

Letter From: Italy ISD

The energy savings for Italy I.S.D. in the new Monolithic Special Events Center has been substantial. The facility has been in use for a little more than two years and the cost for heating and cooling is approximately half the cost of the traditional gym in use. Energy costs are definitely a large part of any organizations budget and any way they can be reduced is very important. I would not hesitate to build another Monolithic structure of this nature if needed and I recommend Monolithic strucutures to inquisitive patrons all over the United States.

Letter From: Russ Augsburger- San Antonio, Texas

Just wanted to take a minute to reaffirm what a personally rewarding experience your workshop was to me. I thought you might appreciate some feedback and to know that everyone I had any contact with (other workshop attendees) and many others too, thought the training was invaluable. I can tell you that in my line of business I attend way too many seminars…most of which are a complete waste of time, but…I can’t remember EVER attending anything more satisfying than yours. You are to be complimented on the work you do and for the great people you obviously have working with/for you…both family members and others too. It is blindingly apparent that whatever you are doing…WORKS! Thanks again and regards to all. — Russ Augsburger, San Antonio, Texas

Letter From: Raymond Spence

Hello Michael, my name is Raymond Spence. I attended classes at Monolithic in Italy, Texas. I found Javier Figeroa to be very honest and extremely knowledgeable. He and all of the crew where easy to work with and gave me a good feeling about how the dome we worked on was being constructed. I too would have no problem having them stay in my home, with or without me being there. Thank you for bringing them to the attention of others who might have the opportunity to meet and/or work with them. You can feel at home around them. Once again, thank you.

Letter From: James Alvord, Locke, New York

“This is one of the best formatted and functional training courses I’ve attended. The classroom and workshop mix works tremendously well.” — James Alvord, Locke, New York

Letter From: Scott McAnulty & David Ratchford- North Carolina

“As recent workshop participants, we would like to thank you for an enjoyable and informative workshop. Everyone at Monolithic was extra friendly and helpful. The format of the workshop worked out very well. The class-time provided an opportunity for discussion and questions, and the hands-on part of the workshop provided the opportunity to become familiar with the equipment and to get a good feel for the actual construction process. We had viewed the training tapes prior to the workshop, but only through the workshop did we develop a solid confidence in our ability to build domes. The notebooks you provided are very helpful and the certification certificates are lasting, positive reminders of the knowledge we gained in your workshop. Certainly the construction of Monolithic Domes will be a continuing learning process, but your workshop provides a solid foundation and the necessary knowledge with which to begin.” — Scott McAnulty & David Ratchford.

Letter From: Wallace B. Moore, President, On-Site Diagnostics

“First, let me thank you for a super course. I certainly learned a lot and was very impressed by you and your entire staff. I look forward to working with them all in the very near future… God Bless this venture.”—Wallace B. Moore, President, On-Site Diagnostics

Letter From: Tommy Rector- Winchester, KY

Howdy from Kentucky…. thanks for the great workshop, the well organized and prepared food and especially the warm southern hospitality. Keep up the good work. “A mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” — Tommy Rector

Letter From: Roland Paegle- Marion, IN

Thank you for the many practical tips during the course as well as your hospitality and that of your staff….I also appreciated the photos and illustrations of your large dome success. However, your willingness to share the stories about your trials and tribulations may have an even more lasting effect and help me to focus and face anticipated ‘Murphy gremlins’ large and small. — Roland Paegle

Letter From: Sviet Raikov, Moscow, Russia

“You know, I had such a wonderful feeling when the Airform was inflated, it is like give birth to a baby. I know that today was open a new page of my life and lives of my friends. The couple we are making this building for said that there are a whole bunch of their friends who are excited to have domes constructed, so we are now like the concert performers playing in front of the big audience.” – Sviet Raikov, Moscow, Russia"

Letter From: Paul. J. Dubenski, Ontario, Canada

Someone once said, “You are part of all you meet.” With that thought in mind, it makes me feel proud inside to be part of a dream shared with us by Mr. South. The operation, the food, the politeness, the smiling faces made me feel like enrolling in the course every year – just for the refreshing “shot in the arm” I got from the Monolithic staff.

Letter From: Alexander Krygsman

We would recommend that anyone planning to build storage facilities, or other types of buildings that lend themselves to round structure, seriously consider Monolithic domes.

Letter From: Duane Horning, Principal Emmett High School- 1991

We have occupied our new facility for nearly three years. We have been very pleased with the maintenance of the building. The utilities have been remarkably efficient. Our heating is less than a third of the amount that our conventional building (of smaller size) is costing. Both schools use natural gas. I have enclosed a graph to indicate this.

Letter From: M. C. Godwin Plant Manager

Monolithic constructors has constructed two large Monolithic bulk storage domes for the J. R. Simplot Company at our manufacturing facilities near Pocatello, Idaho.