Monolithic Dome Institute

Monolithic Dome Institute (or MDI) is the information-generating and educational branch of the Monolithic family. Our MDI staff coordinates and maintains the material on our websites; publishes books and brochures; produces podcasts, CDs and texts; works with the media; hosts or participates in special events.

Annual Monolithic Headquarters Open House

The annual Monolithic Dome Tour is held in the fall of each year. This event is designed to bring the current Monolithic Dome enthusiasts together with the curious to help spread the word about the Monolithic dome and its many benefits.

Monolithic Dome Builders Workshops

A Monolithic Dome Workshop is a combination of hands-on training and classroom instruction. Equal time is given to studying dome construction principles in a classroom setting and to applying those principles by actually building a Monolithic Dome.

How To…

Sometimes folks who like the look and shape of a Monolithic Dome and really would like one hesitate. They begin worrying about the finishing and upkeep of a nonconventional structure. For that reason, Monolithic maintains this How To Section. It includes articles that deal with construction-related issues, such as a “Start of Construction Checklist.” Other articles give detailed descriptions for doing the finishing, such as framing the dome’s interior, installing an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV), and cleaning an Airform. We frequently add topics to this section and work hard at keeping all the information easy to understand and current.


History about Monolithic Domes.

We Know Domes – Hire Monolithic Today

Monolithic® Office – Italy, Texas

Being the coinventor of the dome and the founder of the Monolithic Dome Institute has given David B. South the opportunity to not only fine tune the building process, but to create a company whose main mission is to make available Monolithic Dome technology to all the world. It is the hope of Monolithic to educate the public about Monolithic Domes and to provide professional services to its customers by creating a successful partnership with them through all phases of their dome design, planning and construction.


Podcasting was born from the iPod. The idea is that we can create video or audio segments, and people can download them for playback on their computer, iPod, or whatever device.


Over the years, the Monolithic Dome Institute has developed dozens of books, videos and DVDs. These include hundreds of plans for designing a Monolithic Dome dream home, school, church, gymnasium – virtually any structure for any use. Our library also includes training material related to dome construction and reference texts on polyurethane foam and the construction of concrete thin shells.


To help our clients find the professionals they need to turn their Monolithic Dome dream into a reality, we maintain a listing service. It includes Monolithic Dome builders, architects and designers, foam applicators and suppliers, engineers, lending companies, appraisers, and insurance companies.

MDI: Reference Documents

Monolithic Dome Institute has an library of documents that pertain to the construction of the Monolithic Dome. By clicking here you will find such documents for you to peruse.