Monolithic Dome Benefits

The Monolithic Dome has a number of unique benefits: construction affordability, healthy environment, disaster protection, energy savings, longevity, just to name a few.

Burning Legacy: How Vista Dhome Defied an Inferno

Vista Dhome is not the only Monolithic Dome home to have survived a fire, but it might be the most iconic.

What should have been a quiet, ordinary Sunday afternoon for Ruth and Al Braswell wasn’t. Temps that dry and fateful day reached above the 100-degree mark—the perfect conditions for a brush fire. The Bryant Fire of August 11, 2002, spread rapidly and ferociously. Within a short time, the flames reached the surrounding wall and outlying buildings at the Braswell estate.

Another Monolithic Benefit: EMP Safety

EMP is short for ElectroMagnetic Pulse, a burst of electromagnetic radiation caused by a high-energy explosion that can be manmade or nature-made.
Monolithic now introduces EMP safety. A Monolithic Dome with the right components can protect its occupants and/or equipment from EMP devastation — definitely something to be ready for. Each year, more things become capable of producing electromagnetic pulses. And nature seems to be creating more of these pulses as well.

More about Monolithic Dome Benefits

In addition to energy-efficiency, environmental friendliness, strength and survivability, the Monolithic Dome has other benefits you can read about in this section. Here are three examples: A Monolithic Dome’s construction process saves both money and time. A dome’s interior can be planned and designed for any activity or use and with virtually any theme. The dome’s disaster-resistance usually merits lower insurance premiums.

Monolithic Dome Benefits: Strength

The Monolithic Dome has strength that produces longevity. Its lifespan is measured in centuries, not years. In fact, right now, we don’t know just how many centuries a Monolithic Dome will last. But we do know that it is a structure that can be designed and constructed to be passed down to and used by generations. Easy maintenance complements the dome’s longevity. In other words, a Monolithic Dome cannot only last for centuries, it can last beautifully just with easy care.

Monolithic Dome Benefits: Energy

The Monolithic Dome is a micro-energy user. It needs a minimum of energy to maintain a comfortable interior, usually one fourth of that used by other types of structures. In fact, it takes less energy to heat or cool a Monolithic Dome than it does to heat or cool a super-insulated metal building or a conventional house blanketed in an airtight wrap. Read more about the energy-saving benefits of the Monolithic Dome.

Monolithic Dome Benefits: Survivability

Whether it’s your home, your children’s school or some other structure that you and your loved ones spend time in, nothing beats knowing that you’re in a place that cannot be destroyed by most natural or manmade disasters. That’s the confidence Monolithic Domes offer. They meet or exceed FEMA’s standards for providing near-absolute protection. Monolithic Domes are proven survivors of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and fires.

Monolithic Dome Benefits: Green Buildings

People admire Monolithic Domes for many different reasons. Some like their graceful, curved lines. Others admire their open, clear-span interiors. Still others become fascinated with the technical aspects of Monolithic Dome construction. But besides those characteristics, the Monolithic Dome offers another that is vitally important today because it has to do with our environment. Monolithic Domes are green buildings – they are considered among the greenest of today’s building alternatives.