Covered Composting Offers Advantages

Excerpt—Complete news article appears on the MOR website.
Managed Organic Recycling (MOR) Project Makes News

As the company name implies, Managed Organic Recycling, Inc. is in the business of composting organic waste. What’s more, they have come up with a faster, more efficient way to process some of the thousands of tons of organic waste that our society produces every year. It’s called the Compost Cover System, and it can reduce composting time by half. Monolithic manufactures the MOR compost covers using a special breathable Teflon-lined fabric.

Monolithic Compost Covers: Contributing to a Green Technology

Since 2005 Managed Organic Recycling, Inc. (MOR) has been improving the process of composting organic waste – something our society produces by the thousands of tons every year. But while some people continue seeing this waste material simply as waste, John Bouey, MOR’s president, calls it a valuable resource.