What You Need to Know about a Monolithic Dome Home—Before You Buy One!

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DOME LIVING: What You Need to Know About a Monolithic Dome Home — Before You Buy One

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Dome Living is a comprehensive planning guide. It includes invaluable know-how for anyone planning a home — no matter what style, size or location.

This ebook simplifies the complex problem of planning a new home.

Here’s some of what Dome Living covers:

  • How to get a dream home that’s disaster-resistant, super green, energy-efficient, low maintenance and affordable!
  • More than 130 Floor Plans, detailed with room measurements.
  • Color photos of beautiful Monolithic Dome dream homes, large and small, built in various climates and on different terrains.
  • What Monolithic is all about.
  • The cutting-edge technology Monolithic uses. It’s a very innovative construction process.
  • The four major materials used in building a Monolithic Dome home.
  • What gives a Monolithic Dome home the strength to survive a tornado, hurricane and earthquake.
  • How the dome’s concrete significantly minimizes fire damage.
  • Photos of and information about Monolithic Domes that successfully withstood a disaster.
  • How Monolithic’s insulation makes a home super energy-efficient and therefore more affordable.
  • Underground homes — good or bad?
  • A practical way of analyzing the true cost of a home.
  • The design flexibility of a dome. It can be any size and have all the rooms for all the activities you dream about.
  • Decorating ideas for the exterior and interior of a dome-home.
  • A plan for wise planning that turns a dream into a reality.
  • How to choose a contracting plan and builder.
  • Easy-to-understand definitions for building codes, regulations and necessary documents.
  • The Orion, a Monolithic Dome home with straight walls.
  • Dome Rentals: A much-needed, profitable project.
  • A Monolithic Dome’s versatility: It can be designed for just about any purpose and in any environment.
  • FAQs — Let us know if yours isn’t there. We will answer!

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Mother Nature’s monsters — more and more often these days, we’re hearing about tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes that kill or hurt people and destroy homes. Such reports are truly frightening. You begin to worry about when such a disaster might hit your area.

In a Monolithic Dome home, that’s a futile concern. It has the innate ability to shelter and protect your loved ones and you. The entire dome is a disaster-resistant shelter, that meets or exceeds FEMA standards for near-absolute protection.

Are you concerned about the ever-climbing cost of something you absolutely must have — your utilities? You’re not alone! In an attempt to get the electricity their homes require for the smallest possible price, people spend hours searching the Internet and reviewing those must-sign, long-term contracts that power providers insist on.

But owners of well insulated homes don’t share that concern, and you really can’t get a home any better insulated than a Monolithic Dome. Its insulation makes a home almost airtight — no cracks or crevices to let heat in or out. So, a Monolithic Dome home requires a lot less heating or cooling, and that makes it better for the environment and your pocketbook.

Can you afford the dream home you want? Good question — especially these days when so many people are losing their homes.

In Dome Living, we’ve included an entire chapter on what to consider when you evaluate the cost of a home. We believe it includes far more than the price of the construction and the monthly mortgage payment.

To get a true evaluation of a dream home’s cost, you must ask yourself: What can we realistically and honestly expect from our dream home? Will it keep us safe? Will it keep us comfortable, no matter what the weather? Will it be easy to keep it looking good? To all those questions Monolithic says YES and gives you the reasons behind each yes.

Are you among the growing minority that’s thought about a dream home that’s underground or built into the side of a hill? You’re definitely not alone. The number of people living or wanting to live in an earth-sheltered or earth-bermed home is growing.

Without a doubt a Monolithic Dome has the strength to be built totally or partially underground. We’ve done it many times! This ebook is a great opportunity to examine the pros and cons of underground living and review photos of underground domes.

How do you decorate and beautify a home that’s round? — Some people think that because of its curved lines, a dome’s exterior and interior present unusual decorating challenges. Others sometimes think that the dome cannot be enhanced with products normally used for traditional houses. Neither impression is correct.

The Monolithic Dome has a beautifying potential equal to that of any other house — using the same products and methods used for any other house.

Have you heard the saying, “If we fail to plan, we plan to fail”? We think that axiom is true. The success of any project depends on its planning. And designing a dream home certainly is a big project — one whose planning can seem undoable.

We know how difficult dream-home planning can be. We’ve walked and talked hundreds of people through it. In Dome Living, we’ve included a series of questions that, once answered, speeds the planning process. We’ve also developed tools that simplify the task, such as the Word Picture, the Free Evaluation and the Home Feasibility Study.

What do you need to consider before you hire a builder and sign a contract? There’s a lot and much of it is quite complicated. Folks planning to have a home built should know who they’re engaging and what they’re signing before they agree to or sign anything.

Chapter Ten of this ebook has a review of just about anything and everything that has to do with building a home — Monolithic or traditional — beginning with a discussion of various contracting plans. These include: The Turnkey Option, You as General Contractor, You as Owner-Builder.

That’s followed by an easy-to-understand definition of:

  • Plot Survey
  • Zoning Codes
  • Architectural Covenants and Deed Restrictions
  • Easements
  • Building Codes
  • Building Permits
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Title Search
  • Title Insurance
  • Deed
  • Mechanic Liens and Lien Releases

What’s that? You would like a Monolithic Dome dream home if only it had straight walls?

Many people feel that way. So, we have designed the Orion, a series of Monolithic Dome homes we’re building and teaching others to build.

We have photos and data of our first, two-story Orion with 2,200 square feet of living space. Its foundation has a diameter of 46 feet, and its shape resembles a circle — one that has 17 straight sides.

Other Monolithic Dome Orions are also included, as well as a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of this new design.

Looking for information on a profitable, long-term project? Would you like to find something you could do that’s earmarked for success? We have it: Dome Rentals!

Millions of low-income Americans need affordable housing. In 2000, Monolithic began researching this need and designing a plan to minimize it. We now have 125 rental units and another 14 under construction. Usually, we have a long waiting list of potential renters.

This ebook has photos and information about our four rental projects as well as those of a Monolithic Dome rental complex planned and successfully operated by an independent entrepreneur.

There is also detailed information on just how the rentals are operated and managed: rental agreements, screening process, rules, charges and payments.

As an ongoing investment, clean, safe, affordable and much-needed rentals are both recession-proof and boom-proof.

Have you seen the Monolithic Cabin? It’s a modified dome that can be shipped to and used at virtually any site. The Monolithic Cabin can be designed as a granny flat, disaster shelter, workshop, office, studio, game room, vacation dome, exercise room, temporary housing for work crews or home builders, guest house, rental — the list goes on and on!

In addition to gorgeous dream homes, what does Monolithic design? For more than 35 years, we’ve been designing and building Monolithic Dome schools; gymnasiums; churches; bulk storage facilities; and industrial, medical, recreational and business complexes.

We also anticipate building a Crenosphere — the newest offspring in the Monolithic Dome family. The Crenosphere makes an ideal arena or stadium for indoor sports and entertainment. Its diameter ranges from 300 to 1,000 feet and its height spans 75 to 500 feet.

Dome Living has photos and details of outstanding Monolithic Domes, including our Crenosphere!

Any questions? We thought so and have included FAQs and our detailed, diagramed answers to each. There’s also contact information — just in case you need an answer to a question that’s not included — or maybe you would just like to talk about your dream home. We’re available.

Now comes the really fun part of this ebook: Floor Plans!

We’ve included 136 floor plans, detailed with the dome’s diameter and height, the size of its living area, and the square footage of its individual rooms.

We have plans ranging from small and cozy Monolithic Dome dream homes to spacious mansions.

For your convenience, they’re arranged according to number of bedrooms.

Please Note: Although we already have hundreds of plans, if your dream home includes something different, we will happily discuss it.

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