Tinsley Double Dome Home Overlooking Cudjoe Key Bay

Riding Out the Storms: Monolithic Dome Home Survives Two Hurricanes

When Paul and Shirley Tinsley chose to build a Monolithic Dome home in Cudjoe Key, Florida, they had no idea that they were building a home that would withstand not one, but two Category 4 hurricanes in six years: Hurricane Irma, in August of 2017, and Hurricane Ian, in September 2022.


Applying Synthetic Stucco to a Monolithic Dome Home in Milford, Texas

A 32’ diameter Monolithic Dome Home with a new synthetic stucco roof.

Some friends of Monolithic own a rental house in Milford, Texas, that was in dire need of some attention to the Airform. The house is about 20 years old, and the Airform has never been coated. Over the years, UV and weather damage has left the polyurethane foam exposed and blistering. A great way to renovate the exterior of a Monolithic Dome Home like this one is to patch the Airform and install a synthetic stucco coating.

Italy, Texas, Class of 2024 Holds Graduation in their Monolithic Dome

Congratulations to the Italy, Texas, high school graduating Class of 2024.

Italy High School intended to hold their graduation ceremony in their new, shiny stadium, but as the temperature continued to climb on Friday, it became clear it would be unsafe to hold the festivities outside. Late in the day, the school district sent an alert that graduation had been moved to the multipurpose Monolithic Dome gymnasium, the Gladiator Coliseum.

Remembering Larry Byrne, 1942-2024

On Tuesday, April 23, 2024, we laid to rest our friend and colleague, James Laurence Byrne, in the Sutton Cemetery near Rexburg, Idaho. Larry was a family man, church and community leader, farmer, former Air Force Captain, and a pioneer in the Monolithic Dome industry. For three decades, Larry served as chief designer at Monolithic, where he designed everything from houses to giant storages, developed standardized design elements still used across the dome industry, and consulted with engineers and architects as they worked to become familiar with dome design.

O’Toole, Inc.’s Fertilizer Storage Dome: Where Simple Means Profitable

An aerial view of O’Toole, Inc.‘s 60-foot diameter fertilizer storage dome in Letts, Iowa.

Greg O’Toole’s company, O’Toole, Inc., in Letts, Iowa, has been in the business of supplying farmers with what they need since 1981. Iowa grows more corn than any other state in the United States, at 2.5 billion bushels of corn a year, and the United States leads in corn production across the world, at 13.7 billion bushels a year, according to the Iowa Corn Growers Association. Greg chose a Monolithic Dome to contain the urea he supplies to keep that corn and other crops growing.

Learn to Build a Dome at the Spring 2024 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop

Students take turns applying shotcrete to a Monolithic Dome they built during the workshop.

Have you ever wanted to build a Monolithic Dome? To get your hands dirty applying foam, hanging steel, and spraying shotcrete? Want to learn from dome builders with decades of experience? Now’s your chance. Come to the Spring 2023 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop this April and build a genuine Monolithic Dome.

Easy Winter Construction of O’Toole’s Fertilizer Storage Dome—Step by Step in Pictures

O’Toole Fertilizer Storage in Letts, Iowa

Winter construction on a new fertilizer storage for O’Toole, inc. in Letts, Iowa, went very smoothly despite the weather. One of the great things about Monolithic Dome construction is that most of the work is done inside and out of the elements. This project highlighted that advantage and is a great example of the most efficient single-component dome storage that can be built.

The Art of Perfect Stucco on the Brown’s House

The stucco finish on the Brown’s Monolithic Dome Home in Aubrey, Texas.

This pictorial illustrates the steps we took to give Ryan Brown’s house in Aubrey, Texas, the perfect stucco exterior. The stucco system on Ryan Brown’s Monolithic Dome home will last 10 to 15 years before a top coat will be needed. The top coats are easy and cost-effective to apply and can be done by the homeowner or local paint contractor.