Honoring sunflower yellow and sky blue

A yellow and blue dome shows is our emblem of support for Ukraine.

The colors of the Ukrainian flag — sunflower yellow and sky blue — are everywhere. The colors grace magazines, landmarks, clothing, flowers, and even cosmonauts. We are adding our own emblem of support with a Monolithic Dome twist — and a plea.

Why and how Rocketship is building a Monolithic Dome gym and cafeteria

Rendering of Monolithic Dome gym and cafeteria next to two story school building.

Rocketship Public Schools is constructing an early-elementary charter school in Fort Worth, Texas. The new two-story school building will feature an attached Monolithic Dome multipurpose gymnasium, cafeteria, and storm shelter. The concrete dome shell is complete and while we wait for the August 2022 opening, we can discuss two reasons this particular dome is unique - why they built it and the way it’s made.

Learn to build a dome at the Spring 2022 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop

Students learning to apply shotcrete.

Last September we held the first Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop since the pandemic began in March 2020. Over a dozen students from across the US came to learn to build a real Monolithic Dome. After a winter of uncertainty, we can safely do it again at the Spring 2022 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop.

On a hill, among the rocks and trees, sits a splendid Monolithic Dome home — for sale

Sweet Dome Alabama

Beverly and Kenneth Garcia are selling their Monolithic Dome home, the wonderfully named Sweet Dome Alabama. This amazing house is built on a hillside — 140-feet above the valley floor — on 45 acres surrounded by a forest near New Hope, Alabama. The combination of woodsy interior and tri-dome shape make this home both futuristic and rustic.

Beautiful ‘Forgotten Coast’ beach house for sale

Golden Eye dome home for sale.

Margaret Clayton is selling her Monolithic Dome home, Golden Eye. Set on Beacon Hill near Mexico Beach, Florida, the house is caterpillar shaped to fit the narrow lot. Traffic in front of the house is light even though it is only one street back from the busy beach road. It’s also an easy walk to two public access paths to the beach.

Photo tour of Hawaiian dome home

Hawaiian dome home for sale.

Back in 2020, Jo King listed her Hawaiian home for sale. Needless to say, selling a home during a pandemic proved more than a little challenging. Instead, she pulled it from the market. Now she thinks it’s time to try again. Her Monolithic Dome home is in one of the most beautiful settings we have ever seen — on the island of Kauai.

Hard math, made easy, when calculating a horizontal ellipsoid

Orthographic sketch of design ideas used in the new horizontal ellipsoid calculator.

What are the areas and volume of a horizontal ellipsoid dome? There isn’t an easy answer. Spherical domes have well-defined formulas. Vertical ellipsoids are symmetrical. But tip an elliptical dome on its side and measuring it gets a whole lot harder.

Spencer schools dedicates new gym and arts center

Light snow coats exterior of Spencer Multipurpose Center dome in Spencer, Wisconsin.

The small town of Spencer, Wisconsin, dedicated a new Monolithic Dome gym and arts facility this past weekend. The dome was part of a $5.9 million upgrade to the high school with FEMA providing $2.9 million as a grant to construct the dome as a shelter-in-place facility during severe weather.

Throwback: Why Avalon chose a Monolithic Dome gym

Aerial view of the Avalon gymnasium.

Twenty years ago, the school board in Avalon, Texas, broke ground on a new Monolithic Dome gymnasium. It would be more than just a place for playing ball, it became a classroom, concert hall, community center, and — when necessary — a storm shelter. No wonder it’s called the Avalon Multipurpose Center.