The Hennessey superintendent said, “I want to build a dome.”

Before the sun came up on a cold December morning, the crew turned on the four large blowers that were to inflate the structure. They said it should take about three hours to completely inflate, which gave my team plenty of time to set up the four time-lapse cameras, a drone, and several ground video cameras. Next thing we knew, the roof was up within minutes, including that big heavy ring. We were not ready! Think about this, an entire weather-sealed, full-size gymnasium was completely standing in about 45 minutes!


A Country Living Gem of a Dome Home for Sale

The Claddagh Dome was built by the original owners who have loved their home for 25 years.

The Claddagh Dome, named for friendship, love, and loyalty, is a Monolithic Dome home for sale located near the DFW Metroplex. The energy-efficient house features 2,274 square feet of space, with an upper level of 1018 square feet and a lower level of 1256 square feet. The south-facing dome rests on two-thirds of an acre of gentle land in Azle, Texas. This suburban town of 13,712, only 14 miles northwest of Fort Worth, calls itself “the Gateway to Eagle Mountain Lake.” A nearby reservoir includes swimming beaches, three public boat ramps, camping, fishing, and water sports.

Maui Rises from Ashes After Losses in Lahaina

The Maui Ocean Center’s parking lot became a disaster relief hub after the August fires.

The recovery efforts on Maui continue unceasingly as families, homes, and businesses rise from the ashes, exhaustion, and grief caused by the wildfires of August 2023. “Everyone’s overwhelmed,” said Tapani Vuori, general manager of the Maui Ocean Center in Makawao. “It took more than a month to get things coordinated and cohesive. We had forty volunteers, but at first, the NGOs (non-governmental organizations) simply were not ready.”

Tasi Dome Proves Trustworthy in Typhoon

Stanley Hall and Linda Tatreau chose to build their Monolithic Dome home—the Tasi Dome—on the beautiful island of Guam.

When Typhoon Mawar hit Guam in May 2023, all of Stanley Hall and Linda Tatreau’s neighbors left the area, but Linda decided to stay at Tasi Dome. Stanley had traveled to San Diego, and Linda and her two dogs, Enzo and Thunder, rode out the strongest typhoon to hit Guam since 2002. The couple have been living in Tasi Dome on Guam for the past 11 years, and Linda feels safer there than anywhere else. “It’s strong in storms,” Linda said. “That’s why we built it.”

Fall 2023 Dome Builders Workshop Strengthens Skill Sets

The attendees of the Fall 2023 Dome Builders Workshop take a break after learning to spray shotcrete.

The adventurous entrepreneurs at the Fall 2023 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop learned skills to create their own homes, and some of them also discovered a shared passion for bringing these sturdy, sustainable structures to their communities as affordable housing.

Eclipsed During the 2023 Arcadia Dome Tour

Fall Colors Surround Arcadia Dome Home

We love our Monolithic Dome home—Arcadia. We love how it makes us feel safe. It is always comfortable—year round. And when people are willing to travel across the U.S. just to see it, that makes it truly special.

Obituary: Arnold Wilson, 1933–2023

Dr. Arnold Wilson, 1933–2023

We are sad to report the passing of Arnold Wilson—husband, father, professor, engineer, and Monolithic Dome pioneer. He married his high school sweetheart, Joyce, and together they raised ten children. For forty years, he taught engineering at Brigham Young University (BYU). He was instrumental in the engineering of hundreds of Monolithic Domes.

Salt Storage Dome Satisfies Madison Heights

Sunshine Sparkles on the New Dome

The city of Madison Heights, Michigan, demolished its old uninsulated salt storage dome and replaced it with a Monolithic Dome. The reasons were simple: the Monolithic Dome was less money to construct than anticipated, has superior longevity and requires less overall maintenance. A report published by Marquette University said, “While a concrete dome also requires maintenance to protect it from the effects of salt and the elements, the interval is much less frequent, and the effects of the maintenance are much longer-lasting toward protecting the integrity of the structure.”

Chris and Shehla Hyser Plan Four Steps Ahead with Three-Dome Home

The Hyser Family’s Monolithic Dome Home

In Maryland, a triple dome home rises, named The Tatooine of Catoctin Mountains. The family loves their location, situated about two miles from the Appalachian Trail. “When I was a Boy Scout, I hiked from Susquehanna to the Potomac over ten weekends,” owner Chris Hyser said. The Hysers reported that high winds sweep across the mountains and can be a problem in their area, so they had safety and permanence in mind when they decided to build a Monolithic Dome as their forever home.

Monolithic Dome Tour—October 14, 2023

Monolithic Dome Tour 2023

The Monolithic Dome Research Park is opening to the public for tours on October 14, 2023. Plus, there is a dome home in Utah showing the same day as well. Both tours are free and open to the public.