Over the years, the Monolithic Dome Institute has developed dozens of books, videos and DVDs. These include hundreds of plans for designing a Monolithic Dome dream home, school, church, gymnasium – virtually any structure for any use. Our library also includes training material related to dome construction and reference texts on polyurethane foam and the construction of concrete thin shells.

Fertilizer Blend Plant Video

You can’t successfully operate a blend plant in any structure. It takes a building specifically designed for that job. This ten-minute, easy-to-follow and understand video explains and illustrates the advantages of a Monolithic Dome designed and constructed as a blend plant. The video describes the technologically sophisticated process and formula used in Monolithic Dome construction. It also details Monolithic advantages, many of which simply are not available in other structure types. They include: disaster resistance, super insulation that prevents interior temperature fluctuations, strength and durability.

Equipment Video

This is a very detailed but easy-to-follow and understand video about our Mudslinger EHP 1500 pump and its complementary equipment. It’s narrated by Blaine Green, Equipment Division Manager (retired), who played a key role in its design and development. The video displays and describes our EHP 1500 premier pump, designed specifically for the Monolithic Dome building process, shows how its used, how attachments are assembled and disassembled, and how to keep all parts clean and functional.

Spray-in-Place Concrete Fences: How to Get Just the Look You Want

Spray-in-place security — Fence with washed aggregate surface

Monolithic has a 25-page manual that details the start-to-finish steps for building an attractive, permanent and economical concrete fence. It comes with diagrams and photos of the construction process and includes a discussion of shotcrete and concrete design mix.

“Dome Sweet Home” Now Downloadable

Book Cover

Two dome-owners and the owner of a home improvement business co-authored “Dome Sweet Home,” a detailed description of the Monolithic Dome building process.

Monolithic Ecoshells in Developing Nations

Check out this video describing the Monolithic Ecoshell and why it is the choice for housing in developing nations. They are strong structures that can withstand natural disasters, fire, termites and rot. In underdeveloped areas with hot climates, EcoShells make affordable, low maintenance, sturdy housing.

Tour of Monolithic Headquarters

This video illustrates and explains all you can see and learn during a tour of our headquarters in Italy, Texas. It briefly explains Monolithic’s company goals, company structure and the unique technology used in the design and construction of Monolithic Domes as homes, schools, churches, sport and business facilities, etc. The video takes you on a tour of several actual dome-homes, our office complex, training center, Airform manufacturing plant and rental units.

The Polyurethane Foam Book

David B. South, President of Monolithic, has plenty to say on the subject of Polyurethane Foam. What began as a fascination in 1969 turned into bread and butter by 1971.

January 2005 – Think Round: The Story of David B. South

The story of David B. South – a man whose foresight and determination led to the invention of the Monolithic Dome - is perfectly summarized in the title of a new book about his life: Think Round: The Story of David B. South and the Monolithic Dome as told to Freda Parker.

A New Way of Life

This is a video featuring the project by Domes for the World in New Ngelepen, Indonesia. The New Ngelepen project included 77 houses, 6 MCK’s (bathroom, shower facilities), 6 wells, 6 septic systems, a church, and roads.

Dome Sports Facilities

Click below to watch our Introduction to the Monolithic Dome Sports Facilities video.

Modern Day Homes

Click below to watch our Introduction to the Monolithic Dome Homes video.

Video by Erika and Hannah

Two of my nieces made a video about Monolithic Domes while they were on Christmas Break. They really did an awesome job. Check it out.

Video of Paxis 10 Scaffold

You will hear a lot more about our new Paxis Scaffold in the future on, but in the meantime I will post some raw video clips. It’s hard to describe how nice this scaffold is, but with the new drive motors and the 10′ stance, this scaffold makes one of the sturdiest, safest platforms I have ever seen.