The Polyurethane Foam Book

This book is a must-read for anyone with questions about the nature of urethane foam or its insulating qualities.

Written by David B. South, who preceded his career as president of Monolithic by organizing and managing a successful urethane foam insulating business, the book combines personal anecdotes and experiences with tried-and-true, scientific data.

It is divided into five generous, easy-to-read parts. Part 1 introduces and defines polyurethane foam. Part 2 debunks the R-value fairy tale. Part 3 covers fire and foam. Part 4 discusses urethane foam roofing. Part 5 presents invaluable information on starting a foam business.

In addition to these five parts, Urethane Foam includes appendices by David Vaughan, an internationally recognized expert on sprayable polyurethane foam.

Download Chapter 2 from ‘The Foam Book – The R-Value Fairy Tale’ Online


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