Letter From: Michael J Carr, Mikes Custom Services

My name is Michael Carr and I own a company called Mikes Custom Services. I am writing this letter out of respect and admiration for the Figeroa Family ie. Javier, Blanca, Fransisco, & Monserat. I became aware of them through Monolithic, because I was building my first dome & they ( Monolithic ) generously offered to hire Javier out, to help me build my dome.

What A Great move that was on my part. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized I was getting the whole family. Each one of them extremely capable at their perspective jobs. I have never met a kinder,more knowledgeable,and ambitious group of people in my life. They are welcome in my home any time with or without me being there. Monolithic could not ask for better representatives. I also want to say that I not only hired a world class crew, I hope I met some lifelong freinds. God Bless You Javier & Family & Thanks!

Michael J Carr
Mikes Custom Services