Letter From: Knute Swanson- Dewey, AZ

Sorry for delay in writing as you as you asked about my heating and cooling costs for my 60’ Dome. You built my dome in 2004. I had interior done by local contractors. Framing was 2×6 with storage floor above garage with TGI beams. My Trane Heat Pump was installed on storage floor by Indian Air. All walls are insulated.

Winter temps are low, 12-20 morn high 40. Summer temps are 60 morn high 95-100. In winter I keep home about 70-72 on thermostat. In summer keep setting at 76-79.

Winter costs range from $85 to $115 per month. Summer costs range from $45-$80 per month.
Ceiling fans are used to distribute air in large open room, living dining etc. Sometimes in other rooms as needed.

Dome home is very comfortable with above settings. Costs are much lower than other homes of 2500 sq ft, by about $50-$80 per month.

Hope above is useful to you. Anything further you need let me know.

Best Regards,
Knute Swanson- Dewey, AZ