Interview With: Jay Watson- Kelton ISD

Note: When we recently interviewed Mr. Watson for an article about the new Monolithic Dome on his campus, he had great comments about the project that didn’t get into the article. Here’s what he had to say:

When we first went out (to see domes in Texhoma), we were open to ideas, but after visiting Texhoma there was no turning back. We were going to build a dome. But at that time, I think my teachers envisioned what a lot of people do: How do you outfit a classroom that’s shaped like a piece of pie? In our particular case, our dome has rectangular classrooms downstairs and pie-shaped upstairs. But if you blindfolded people and took them inside, they would have no clue that they were in a round building and a pie-shaped room.

Well honestly, I think these buildings are excellent as activity centers and gyms. But I think people miss the boat by not considering them as instructional facilities. I know schools don’t like change, and they like rectangular buildings because they can be made longer or wider and you can’t do that with a round building. But domes can be hooked together very easily. Probably within the next 5 years we’ll have to build more classrooms, and I believe my Board will not even listen to anybody unless they’re talking Monolithic Domes. My Board is that much in favor of the domes and I am too. If I was going to build a house, I’d build a Monolithic Dome house. I like them. The drawback is that they’re really airtight. If you let them get humid, it will take a while to get that humidity out.

My teachers tell me that when they first come in the dome, it’s warmer than it is in the afternoon. That’s because our climate control doesn’t kick on till 7 a.m. But the dome quickly cools or warms – whatever the case may be – and stays that way.

Monolithic and South Industries know how to build these domes. They’re so conscientious about their building. Doug (project supervisor) from South Industries was determined to build what we wanted. He was going to make me happy no matter what, and he always explained everything that was going on.

After South Industries was finished with what they had to do, Doug came back just to see how it was going. And Randy South visited several times. They are proud of the work they do and they want the customer happy.