Professional Storm Hunter Stands in for Beautiful, Safe and Practical Homes

Since early childhood I have felt total awe to the magnificence and splendor of God’s wild elements.

As a professional storm hunter, who began my storm chase journey in 1977, every storm that I intercept – either by car or from my back porch is a gateway the Magnificence of our Creator.

When I hunt storms, I am tapping into a tradition as old as humanity itself, when hunter/gatherers searched for food then went through the challenge and thrill of actual intercept.

Besides being a published author and storm photographer, I owned and directed a storm chase tour company between 1995 and 2005, Tornado Alley Safari Tours. My Company attained significant international printed and broadcast media attention for taking clients up to 3000 miles per week on quests for tornadoes and lightning bolts.

Yet, like all things in life, there can be a shadow side to storms. Hurricanes and tornadoes with floods and flying debris can take lives and disintegrate property.

Just this past year, Cities across the South and Midwest took direct hits by tornadoes, resulting in injuries, much homelessness and emotional trauma.

We have technology right now in our hands to put a halt to the suffering that many people across America and in fact world-wide endure due to man-made and natural disasters.

That technology is the Monolithic Dome.

I swear by these and would like to have one built for me one day, when the money shows up.

How amazing it would be to have a tornado directly sit on top of your home and have no damage ..just the experience of a long dull roar. It’s already happened in Missouri.

How awesome it would be to live by the ocean and know that despite tidal surge and wind, your home stands erect and undamaged. Hard to believe? One in Coastal Florida has been through three significant hurricanes with utterly zero damage.

I have no financial ties to the Monolithic Dome company. I am simply a storm hunter who loves the wild elements and also wants to see people as safe as can be.

I believe that it’s utterly crucial that as a Nation, we literally begin to think “outside the box”.
One definition of insanity is to make a mistake then do the very same action once again, expecting different results.

This is precisely what happens every year across our three Tornado Alleys (Dixie, Corn Belt and Great Plains) after a devastating tornado rolls through.

Traditional stick built homes get trashed, then replaced by the very same traditional stick built homes.
If not insane, this is certainly a strong case of denial.

Moore, Oklahoma has been hit by three tornadoes within the last 20 years. Same for Xenia, Ohio. Other towns across the Midwest and South have been hit twice, including the Nashville Metro Area.

I would like to see zoning laws modified to keep the safety of residents in mind and openly allow for Monolithic Domes everywhere.

I would like to see Chambers of Commerce all across tornado prone Middle America, earthquake prone West Coast, and hurricane prone Gulf Coast openly invite contractors in to build or rebuild with the aim of keeping residents safe.

Our weather is changing. Between 1990 and 2000 there were more weather – linked disasters than during the previous 100 years put together.

What used to be 500 year events now occur within spans of as little as five years.

We need to begin to work with Nature rather than continue to assume that we can dominate Nature.

Monolithic Domes – - with their gracious curved exteriors and their vast beautiful rooms inside – are a perfect example of working with rather than against Nature.

As a professional storm hunter and photographer who loves storms and wants to see people safe – I affirm that lending practices and zoning rules will shift in order to clear the way for beauty, practicality and safety.