Letter From: Margaret Clayton, Marco Island, Florida

Dear Everyone at Monolithic,

I want to thank all of you so very much for your warm hospitality during my visit last week. I had a wonderful experience and loved meeting everyone at Monolithic. All of you were so kind to me, and you spent very, very much time and effort addressing me and my future project/dome. I did not know Mr. South’s email address, but please extend my thanks to him too. Please let me know Mr. South’s email address so I can write him as well. Tell him that my brother is going to help me copy pictures of the Enola Gay flight when I go to Alabama next week. I will send him information on this when I receive his email address.

When my mangoes come in season I will send you all a box—if I do say so myself, they are the best mangoes on earth (of course I’m prejudiced!)

I showed my nephew, Chad, your work and he thought it was great! We watched the video on Monolithic when I went to Keller, Texas to visit him after I left you on Friday.

I flew home late yesterday—the magic of planes!

My best to you all—(and I will communicate periodically too). Please tell Gary Clark that I’m sorry I missed him—and he was right! You all are so friendly that I almost didn’t go home!!

Margaret Clayton