Letter From: Danny McCuiston- Geronimo ISD

Please consider this letter as a letter of reference for the utilization of the Monolithic Dome method of construction for your consideration. This school district has just completed five (5) dome structures and are very satisfied the buildings will be energy efficient, safe from weather extremes and have a very long life. We also feel one of the most positive attributes to the construction of the Monolithic Dome is the simplicity of the design which will allow the building to retain it’s usefulness and far outlast conventional building methods.

Here in southwest Oklahoma extreme weather is always a possible consideration. And while thunderstorms and tornados receive the most attention, rapid temperature change and very hot extremes to very cold extremes cause the most wear on building surfaces. During the construction of the dome structures and since their completion we have realized that due to their method of construction the temperature changes and extremes do not have a very large effect on the structure, and a very minimal effect on the inside temperature. This “insulation value” was commented on numerous times during the construction phase by the various contractors working on the project.

We feel the Monolithic Dome structures provided the highest value for investment here in our community. Since the completion of our project, and as we have begun utilizing the buildings, there is no doubt we have made the right decision.

Danny McCuiston- Superintendent of Geronimo Oklahoma Public Schools