Letter from: Cindy Quaintance, Edgerton, Kansas

Dear Monolithic,

I thought you might like to hear a testimonial. We were without electricity from January 30 through February 4 (a full five days) due to an ice storm. We lost only ten degrees in the first 48 hours.

Temperatures outside were between 25 and 30 degrees the first 24 hours and then dropped into the upper teens during the second night. While others were freezing in their homes (I heard of temperatures dropping into the 30’s & 40’s inside nearby homes). By the second day we were only down to 59 degrees inside. We usually set our heater at 69 degrees.

At the end of the second day, it went down to 57 degrees inside. We borrowed a propane heater to heat the main living areas and that is all we needed. Most people were pretty impressed when they heard about our dome’s ability to maintain a liveable temperature. We thought you might like to know.

Cindy Quaintance, Edgerton, Kansas

From February 1999