Expert Extols Domes’ Virtues

Craig Crossman is a national columnist who writes about computers and technology, and also hosts a popular radio talk show called “Computer America.” While his focus is usually on computers, he knows a good thing when he sees it and does not hesitate to write about it. That’s why he recently penned a column on Monolithic Domes that was published by the Palm Beach Daily News and other newspapers across the United States.

In a column entitled Monolithic Domes: Impossible to Kill, Great for the Earth, Crossman extols the virtues of Monolithic Domes. He also recounts the many stories of the domes’ virtual indestructibility.

“The Weather Channel can vouch for this seeming indestructibility after one of their crews took shelter in a dome during a nasty storm that they failed to evacuate in time. Another family survived a forest fire that destroyed the entire neighborhood except their dome home. There was even one owned by Saddam Hussein’s regime. It was struck by a five-thousand pound American bomb yet amazingly remained structurally sound,” Crossman writes. “My favorite story has to be the one where a wrecking ball was supposed to knock one down as it was to be redone. It survived after having its entire perimeter knocked out from under it and didn’t give up the ghost until the interior structure was tackled.”

Crossman also addresses critics of dome construction. “Some say that the home is too outlandish and offends more conservative communities. Let the hater’s hate,” he writes. “These homes save so much money on heating and cooling. They are (almost) impossible to destroy and most likely will be the standard home of the future.”