First Dome School Opens in Kansas

The deadly tornadoes that hit the southern United States were a vivid reminder of the tragic consequences that ensue when people do not have a safe shelter during severe weather. They also served to make Fowler school officials even more grateful that they had the foresight to build a Monolithic Dome multipurpose building to house their new gymnasium, band/vocal room and computer lab. The building, which is the first of its kind in Kansas, was funded in part by a $345,000 grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

“Our school was hit by a tornado five years ago and several surrounding towns have been hit as well. This gives Fowler a place for everyone to go during an emergency, says Sam Seybold, superintendent of the Fowler school district. “Before now, we didn’t have a community shelter.”

Not surprisingly, the opening of the new building has made headlines across the state and around the nation.

Kansas district builds tornado-resistant facility

School officials will celebrate the milestone with an open house on Wednesday, May 4.