Letter From: Keith Wortman- Fairplay, Colorado

Dear Ann and the entire South and Monolithic family,

Today, I have been in the hospital all day but didn’t want to spend the nite there because of what I can come home to. This home is the largest dream I have ever had. I want to say thank you once again for helping make my dream come true.

When I got home tonight, even though I don’t feel well at all, I came in the house, sat down and just stared at the ceiling, lighting and the curves. I’m not sure what it is about this dome but it is very calming and peaceful. When others are losing their homes to fire and floods, I sit here in peace knowing this is a forever dream come true.

Sylvia and I sit out in the front entry in our chairs and watch the wildlife come almost to us, watch the changing of the fall colors and have a chance to just marvel at the world around us. The beauty of the house extends from not just the inside but to the outside of the home. It blends into the environment and brings us a feeling like we’ve never had before.

A week ago, I was standing outside late at night admiring the stars. The moon was shining bright on our shop dome and it looked like a thousand candles were lighting it from the inside. When I turn to look at the house, we have about 12 small, solar dragon flies which gently change color from red to blue to green. They gently light the walkway into the house. They make the metal bear tracks to the front door shine.

The big dipper in the sky has been directly over the front entrance for a month now and when the moon is shining bright on the dome, it appears as though the big dipper is pouring gold over the entire entry. You cannot believe how I feel when I see it. My dream was made of gold, and it reminds me almost every night.

Although it is cold at nite here at 10,200 feet, I pull up a chair outside and just marvel at what you’ve done and our builders have done to make our home the most beautiful dream I could imagine.

Please pass this on to the entire South family and to Wes and Alysa Haas for what they have done for me. Again thank you for doing this for us.

Keith Wortman