Letter From: Duane Horning, Principal Emmett High School- 1991

We have occupied our new facility for nearly three years. We have been very pleased with the maintenance of the building. The utilities have been remarkably efficient. Our heating is less than a third of the amount that our conventional building (of smaller size) is costing. Both schools use natural gas. I have enclosed a graph to indicate this.

Our temperature is very even and the comfort level is evenly distributed on three levels.

The acoustics in the building create a very quiet tone. Sound in the gymnasium is excellent. Our PA system is very clear and when a band plays at the games, the sound is very good.

I have been extremely pleased with the total operation of the dome. We have had some concern earlier with the lack of windows and natural light. That has been a very positive influence on the students rather than negative. Weather changes do not effect the students as they have in the past.

I would be glad to address specifics with anyone interested. I have had people tour the facility from all over the world. The building is very attractive and the faculty and students are proud to call the building their own.

Feel free to contact me about any concerns that arise.


Duane Horning, Principal- Emmett High School