Letter From: Charlie Simmons – Florida

It has been a distinct pleasure working with Monolithic and with South Industries. You and Larry Byrne were most helpful in the planning stages and I thank you. As a business owner, I recognize and appreciate professionalism and performance and your organization exhibits it in every way. You make the customer immediately comfortable in trusting you and the feeling continues to increase as the project progressses.

You recommended South Industries as a builder and I could not be happier. Again professionalism and high level performance was the order of the day. Andrew was my first contact followed by Josh and then Nathan South was the project manager. Our family met his wife Emily and his young son Samuel and they all quickly came to be like family to us. They and their crew came over for barbeque with our family after work one day and we all enjoyed it.

Great people to work with and we now value them as friends as well. Character and integrity really do count and Monolithic and South Industries ehibit it in every way. Thank you for being in the “good guys” group. I will send pictures and the local electric company is installing a meter for the HVAC system and I will report that as well. We are always open for an inspection by you or as a show and tell for your potential customers in the area.

As they said in the old west, all of the Monolithic/South group is always welcome at my campfire. Thank you, it was a distinct pleasure and God Bless You all.