Letter From: Ace Apple Company – Yakima, Washington

I’m from the Northwest: Yakima, Washington, where I have a lot of experience with controlled Atmosphere storage – in both construction and operation of the controlled atmosphere rooms.

Prior to actual operation I was having some personal doubts and concerns with the new controlled atmosphere storage you built for California Ammonia Co.: Calamco Cold Storage.

Some of my personal doubts and concerns were knowing consistent atmosphere/temperature is required for Granny Smith Apples. I had doubts with the capability of the Pull Down Time and the maintenance of the oxygen and carbon dioxide during the Holding Time. The stacking methods of the racks had me concerned wit the air flow. Especially sincere there was only one fan for air movement.

However, much to my delight and surprise, my doubts and concerns were needless. It all worked out to perfection.

All in all, I was very pleased with the dome for the quality work and storage….Personally, I sincerely hope you build more of these domes in the area. We are in need of this type of Controlled Atmosphere Storage in order to be more competitive in the Apple Industry.

James “Jim” Watson- Manager, Ace Apple Company