Letter From: Wortman Residence- Fair Play, Colorado

I would like to give you my heartfelt thanks and blessings for helping me make my 30 year dream come true. I had a dream many years ago of building a home like you create but in 1986 when you first built the Emmet, Idaho High school, I realized that my dream would come true. I lectured in and fell in love with the Monolithic idea and visited your office in Idaho Falls a week later. Since then, my dream has never wavered. It was so strong that 19 years ago, when I met my wife to be, I told her that I was going to live in a dome and even drew pictures for her. Then 15 years ago, we bought 10 acres in this little town of Fairplay, Colorado and the day we bought it, I saw our house built there in my mind. For years, we would come up and work on the roads and building sites and then 2 years ago, we brought drawings of our house to the conference and sat down and started the process of building. I did all the earth work myself so we would not lose any big trees and built the massive high wall for the center dome. The dream was so strong that I didn’t trace the domes on the ground until I finished the dirt work. Maybe not smart but with 3 measurements, I did it anyway. A month before the crews arrived, I drew the circles and they were EXACTLY where I saw them in my mind. I owe everything to the Monolithic family and the South industries families for helping my dream come true. In 1 day under 2 months, we put up an 800sq’ shop and a 3770 sq’ house from digging the foundations to having the domes ready for the indoor work. Working with all of you has been a pleasure and look forward to long term friendships made in the process.

To say the domes are a piece of art is an understatement. You took our ideas, drawings, map headings and google pictures of the mountain views and put them together perfect. The domes are gorgeous! The entire South family has gone to all extremes to do things right so that we would be happy. Happy is not the word. We are THRILLED with the final product. We are working feverishly to complete the outside work on the property as well as the inside because winter has already reared it’s ugly head and it’s only early Oct.

If we aren’t in it by Christmas, we will be by very early next year. All of you at both companies will always be welcome to stop in or stay with us. We have an open door policy for our friends.

I would like to be able to share a lot of my photos with others who are interested in the monolithic domes. Let me know how to do this. We would be more than happy to have our home featured in any of your literature or advertising. People everywhere up here are talking about the domes and the " Bubble People". I believe in this technology so much that whatever we can do to help spread the word, just let us know. It is exciting for me to know that we are the leader in having the largest footprint for a home and that all the crews have said so many great things about our design and where it is located. The gothic arches hanging over the wall and the fact that they came attached to the airform make the entire building so unique. If anyone contacts you and wants to see our home in progress, do not hesitate to send them our way.

Many Thanks, Keith Wortman