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The Monolithic story begins with David B. South and his interest in dome building. That interest started when David was still in high school and never waned. In fact, it intensified.

By 1975, David and his two brothers, Barry and Randy, had successfully built their first Monolithic Dome – a potato storage facility in Shelley, Idaho, 105’ in diameter and 35’ high.

That project resulted in a patent for the process and launched an innovative construction system for Monolithic Dome homes, schools, churches, sport and commercial facilities.

Beginning in the 1970s, hundreds of Monolithic Domes have been constructed throughout the United States and in Canada and Mexico. Hundreds more are in use in various areas of Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Today, Monolithic is a family of companies sharing a mutual goal: to improve the lives of people worldwide through the introduction and construction of Monolithic Domes, for personal and public use, that are earth-friendly and superior in strength, energy-efficiency and cost control.

Headed by President David B. South, co-inventor and patent holder of the Monolithic Dome and the Crenosphere, Monolithic Constructors, Inc. functions as the parent company of this family. As such, Monolithic Constructors, Inc. designs Monolithic Domes and Crenospheres and, in conjunction with South Industries, Inc. of Menan, Idaho, constructs these structures for individuals, organizations and corporations.

Current divisions of Monolithic Constructors, Inc. include the Monolithic Dome Institute; Monolithic Construction Management; Monolithic Equipment; Monolithic Airforms; Dome Living Rentals.

The Monolithic Dome Institute promotes and educates. This branch of our family counsels clients as well as industry professionals; writes, edits and maintains the information on our websites; produces books, brochures and videos; coordinates special events such as dome building Workshops and trade shows; conducts research and development.

Monolithic Construction Management specializes in the overseeing and management of construction projects with this ever-present, main objective in mind: to assure that the project meets our client’s expectations, needs and budget.

Monolithic Equipment makes and markets various equipment and machinery especially useful in Monolithic Dome construction, such as pumps, mixers, scaffolds, etc.

Monolithic Airforms designs, manufactures and markets Monolithic Dome Airforms, Crenosphere Airforms and specialty fabric structures such as grain covers, condensate ceilings, methane tank liners, water tank diaphragms and tension tarps.

Javier Figueroa

Oversees and supervises the activities of the construction crew. This includes training and assisting new workers, as well as training established workers in new procedures.

Melinda South

Equipment Division Manager. Manages the manufacture and marketing of Monolithic equipment. Responsible for all purchasing, shipping, receiving. Coordinates all property maintenance, studio construction and preparation, and landscaping.

Don Garrison

Manager over all Airform production facility. Systems include large, automated FIAB welder and computer patterning

Nanette South Clark

Engineering Manager. Verifies Monolithic Dome engineering. Completes finite element analysis and preliminary engineering. Writes articles for MDI related to engineering. Answers incoming Monolithic Dome engineering questions and makes recommendations.

Michael South

Vice President/Director of Operations. Manages and supervises the crew responsible for its content. Manages Monolithic’s computer systems, including updating all company servers, managing client machines and integrating new technologies. Writes contracts; proofreads plans; coordinates materials, equipment and crews scheduled for the construction of a Monolithic project.

Gary Clark

Directs sales staff in their responding to assorted questions regarding construction, design, pricing and application of other trades to the dome building industry.

Larry Byrne

Monolithic’s principal in-house designer and design consultant. Directs and assists the design crew. Oversees many of the designs of Monolithic Dome churches, schools, homes, industrial and commercial facilities.

Judy South

Secretary/Treasurer. Director of Interior Design. Helps coordinate business activities. Hosts presentations on dome-decorating strategies. Writes design-related articles. Supervises interior design of dome homes and office facilities at Monolithic’s complex in Italy, Texas.

David B. South

President and founder of Monolithic. Co-invented the Monolithic Dome construction system. Conceived and developed the Crenosphere; the Monolithic Dome Airplane Hangar with rotating door; and Domes For The World (DFTW), a nonprofit organization providing shelters for the world’s most needy. On a daily basis, directs and oversees all corporate activities.