Stadiums: We Have Them In Many Sizes

I don’t know of a high school or college that would not like a state-of-the-art, indoor stadium. But before Monolithic developed its technology such an undertaking was far too expensive. That is no longer true. High schools and colleges can now build a Monolithic indoor stadium for about what they would pay for an outdoor football stadium.

Soccer Practice Facility within a Monolithic Dome

Small Soccer Practice Dome — 110m (360’ diameter)

As with other indoor athletic practice facilities, soccer has similar needs. Shown here are three sizes. One is for the smallest soccer field, the second is for the medium, most used, soccer field and the last is for the super size. Illustrated are the soccer fields in the buildings.

Monolithic Indoor Athletic Practice Facility/Field House

Faith Chapel — Two hundred and eighty foot in diameter dome, seventy four feet tall in Birmingham, Alabama. This is for a church that is listed on our site. It is the same size building as the small practice facility discussed in this article.  Check it out here.

Athletes need to practice when it is neither too hot or too cold. But few players get to practice football, baseball, softball, track, rugby, etc. year around. A Monolithic Dome facility makes year-round practice possible. It largely eliminates the weather factor.