October 2008 – Geronimo School Builds Fifth Tornado-Proof Building

Media Advisory


Construction crews building a new middle school and high school in Geronimo, Oklahoma will be turning heads on Monday, October 6th (weather permitting) when they use giant fans to inflate a huge balloon, known as an Airform to create the shape of the school’s fifth and final dome building.

The school is building five modular Monolithic Domes, which are steel-reinforced concrete buildings known for their ability to meet Federal Emergency Management Agency’s standards for near-absolute protection from tornadoes. Often these types of buildings double as community tornado shelters, making this event especially newsworthy.


Monday, October 6th
9 a.m., weather permitting


800 W. Main
Geronimo, Oklahoma


Once the Airform has been inflated to create the shape of the dome, crews can then move into the interior, where they will spray polyurethane foam on the Airform and reinforce it with a grid of steel rebar. They then will spray the dome with two or three inches of Shotcrete. The result will be a safe, permanent and energy efficient structure designed to last for centuries.


Danny McCuiston
Geronimo Schools

Derek South
Construction Supervisor

Carol Cirulli Lanham
BWG Agency


The curve of the domes combined with the materials used in their construction account for the buildings’ strength. The buildings also are energy efficient, costing as much as 50 percent less to heat and cool than traditional structures of the same size.

Monolithic Domes are also considered among the greenest of all building alternatives. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, a sustainable building saves energy, water and materials; safeguards the surrounding area; assures the safety and health of their occupants; and is low maintenance.

Geronimo is among eight school districts in Oklahoma that have opted for the Monolithic Dome method of construction. Others include: Locust Grove, Buffalo, Hinton, Beggs, Okima, Texoma and Dibble (also under construction.).