Stadiums: We Have Them In Many Sizes

Sad but true: School Board afraid to be first

In 2004, a Texas school district passed a bond for an outdoor football facility. Monolithic proposed that for nearly the same amount of money they could construct an indoor stadium that could include an indoor track, locker rooms, a weight room, air-conditioning and year-round usability. That facility could generate revenue through rentals to organizations within the community and to other schools.

But when it came to a vote during a school board meeting, the board rejected the proposal by a split vote. One board member repeatedly expressed concern about “being first” to build such a facility, and in doing so he convinced three others to vote with him. This same member even said that he did not want to be first at anything. He loudly harped on this to the point of rejection.

Seven years later

On March 14, 2011, I received a very interesting call from a member of the same school board that was too afraid to be first. The caller was a past board member who had voted in favor of a Monolithic indoor, multi-use stadium. He called me after receiving a call from a member of his local Economic Development Committee. The Committee member said that the Committee’s last meeting revealed that their decision to stick with the old plan and build a traditional open field stadium cost their town an estimated $35,500,000 over the last 7 years. That loss resulted from not having an indoor facility, used and rented for various events, that could generate income. It was lost opportunity.

Now is the time

I don’t know of a high school or college that would not like a state-of-the-art, indoor stadium. But before Monolithic developed its technology such an undertaking was far too expensive.

That is no longer true. High schools and colleges can now build a Monolithic indoor stadium for about what they would pay for an outdoor football stadium.

And here’s the best news! A Monolithic Indoor Stadium can be as big and fancy or as small and simple as you need and want. We offer the Megasphere with a diameter of 434 feet and a height of 154. Or, for those who want a super large stadium, we have the Crenosphere with a diameter of up to 1000 feet.

Speaking of being first

Monolithic has created a first in almost every construction category. Over the years, we have built the first Monolithic Dome churches, storages, homes, schools and more. For us, building the first indoor school stadium is not a big leap from building the first mega church or gigantic commercial storage facility.

Some day soon, a community college or school district will have the courage to be first, and we are certain many others will follow that lead. Consider being that leader and not the follower.