Dome Building Accessories

We have accessories – specifically, accessories that can make the construction of a Monolithic Dome easier or faster or better. We also have accessories designed to enhance a completed Monolithic Dome.

Monoform Primer: What’s it all about?

Bayblock Prime FR — Monoform Primer is now marketed as Bayblock Prime FR.

In 1995, Monolithic began working with UCSC to develop a primer that could be applied onto the inside or outside of an Airform. David B. South, president of Monolithic, had two tasks in mind for this primer. He wanted it to minimize the formation of blisters between the Airform and foam and to act as an adhesive on either side of the Airform. Result: the Monoform Primer.

The New Paxis Scaffold

The New Paxis 10 Scaffold System — These images show the building of the first Paxis 10 Scaffold

Problem: Scaffold an 88 foot dome that has only 4 36″ standard doors?
Solution: Expand our already proven Polar Scaffold to fit that size of a dome.

A Monolithic Anchor Point Provides Safety

Anchor Points

Tasks such as cleaning, repairing, painting or covering the outside of a Monolithic Dome often means workers must climb to the dome’s top and move along its curved roof. For working atop any Monolithic Dome, a correctly installed, permanently set Monolithic Anchor Point is the simplest and most secure.

The EcoShell I Airform Inflator

The Ametek — The EcoShell I is inflated using an industrial line vacuum blower, such as an Ametek.

Inflating an EcoShell I differs from inflating a Monolithic Dome or EcoShell II. The EcoShell I is inflated using an industrial line vacuum blower. One such blower is an AMETEK, purchased through Grainger (part number 2M178).

The Ultimate Monolithic Domebuilder’s Trailer

Monolithic’s Heavy Duty Equipment Trailer — Note the “landing” jacks on the front end.

One of the most important pieces of equipment a Monolithic Domebuilder can have is a heavy-duty, multipurpose equipment trailer. It is important, as a builder, to keep your operation lean and mean. Using this trailer is one way to meet this goal.

iPhone Dome Calculator

Step 1: Install MACalc Pro — Once the application is installed click on the menu button on the bottom left of the screen, then click on settings.

When the iPhone came out, we could immediately recognize the benefits. We knew that if we were going to make the switch to the iPhone, we would have to come up with a dome calculator.

Tornado Tamer: A Tornado-Resistant Door

The Tornado Tamer – It’s been tested by Texas Tech Wind Science University, and it meets FEMA 320 Guidelines for a unit that can resist a wind force of up to 250 mph.

For several years Monolithic has been searching for an affordable door whose ability to resist tornado-force winds matched that of a Monolithic Dome. “We did not have a problem finding doors with the integrity we wanted,” said David South, president of Monolithic. “We found them, but they were in the $5000 to $7000 range. Put a few of those on a building and they really skyrocket the price of a project. We needed a door with two advantages: tornado-resistant strength and affordability. About a year ago, we found both in the Tornado Tamer.”

Starting a Monolithic Dome Construction Company

Applying Shotcrete — Workshop attendees get the opportunity to spray concrete on a Monolithic Dome during one of our Workshops.  The first layer of shotcrete gets sprayed on approximately 1/2" thick.

Starting and operating a Monolithic Dome construction company is a challenge. It is not for the faint of heart. But how else can you have the sense of accomplishment you get from building such fine structures, using your own skills? Your efforts will benefit others, and you will leave a legacy of buildings that will be used throughout the next millennium.