Monolithic’s Heavy Duty Equipment Trailer — Note the “landing” jacks on the front end.

Monolithic’s Heavy Duty Equipment Trailer — Note the “landing” jacks on the front end.

The Ultimate Monolithic Domebuilder’s Trailer

One of the most important pieces of equipment a Monolithic Domebuilder can have is a heavy-duty, multipurpose equipment trailer.

Over the years we have tried so many different trailers, we’ve lost count. Finally, after years of research and development, we’ve settled on a line of trailers we believe to be the very best value. These are the most heavy duty trailers for the least amount of money available.

The trailer we use the most— and the one we think every builder should have— is the 20’ primary equipment trailer w/ 2’ dove tail (22’ total). This trailer was designed by us— for us, and each is custom made by the manufacturer.

It is important, as a builder, to keep your operation lean and mean. Using this trailer is one way to meet this goal.

Consider the Benefits:

  • Monetary Savings— The trailer costs much less money than goose necks or similar heavy-duty trailers— but will hold the same amount of equipment.
  • All you need to pull it is a good 3/4 ton to 1 ton truck.
  • You will not require a CDL to operate.
  • This trailer will pass most weigh stations unchecked
  • It leaves the truck bed free to haul other necessary tools
  • It can be unhooked at the job site with the jacks lowered without ever having to turn off the truck.
  • Trailer can be easily loaded over the sides w/ forklift

The trailer can haul everything in one load:

Heavy duty primary equipment trailer specs:

  • Heavy duty axle and frame
  • 12,000 lbs. chassis
  • 5’ hideaway ramps for skid loader
  • Stake pockets
  • Diamond Plate walk on sides
  • Diamond Plate fenders
  • Super strong steel floor — never has to be replaced
  • 102" wide through axles
  • 22’ long — including 2’ dovetail
  • Heavy duty landing jacks— 10,000 lbs. w/ handles— mounted on each corner
  • 3’ chariot steel mesh front
  • 8 lug wheels
  • 10 ply tires
  • Pintle hitch or 2 5/8" ball
  • Both axles have brakes
  • Very heavy duty frame