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Monolithic’s Favorite Things

We are always on the lookout for things that in some significant way make life safer or more enjoyable. These findings do not necessarily have anything to do with domes. They’re just nice things that somehow improve us or our surroundings.

Clean water anywhere for everyone

Image: The On-the-Go Water Bottle is available in 5 colors—lime green, bright pink, olive green, royal blue, and aqua blue.

Just Water has developed a new product. It’s a very portable, store-and-use-just-about-anywhere Water Bottle. Every person, every car should have one of these Water Bottles. They can be packed in a suitcase. They can go with you on camping, hiking, fishing, biking trips. You can use them when there is a “boil water” order. (Continued…)

Video: Just Water Ceramic Drip Filter

This video presents well illustrated, detailed information about a tool every household should have: the Just Water Ceramic Drip Filter. It’s affordable and easily assembled. More importantly, it can get rid of dangerous bacteria and make any water potable. This filter was developed by the Texas Baptist Men’s Water Ministry, who travel with and deliver these filters to areas devastated by natural and manmade disasters. Through Domes For The World (DFTW), these filters can be contributed for use in Haiti during the rebuilding of Project Hope Orphanage. (Continued…)

Carbon Dioxide Monitoring

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) monitoring is not a new concept, but it’s proving to be a tough one to handle. It has to do with the amount of fresh air in a structure.
Most of us have heard of sick buildings. When the air in a building gets polluted with vapors that can be or are harmful to us, the result is a sick building. (Continued…)

The RecoupAerator — Fresh Filtered Air

Image: The RecoupAerator, Model 200 DX

The EPA and the American Lung Association recommend that, in all cases, proper ventilation be present in the home, before purchasing an air cleaner of any kind. The experts all agree that the most effective way to reduce indoor pollution is to ventilate — remove polluted air and replace it with fresh, outdoor air. However, during the winter or summer, the cost of adequate ventilation almost equals heating and cooling the neighborhood — except with the RecoupAerator, Model 200 DX. (Continued…)