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Monolithic Dome Schools

Image: Bishop Nevins Academy — Bishop Nevins Academy in Sarasota, Florida is the first Monolithic Dome School in the state of Florida.

Bishop Nevins Academy — Bishop Nevins Academy in Sarasota, Florida is the first Monolithic Dome School in the state of Florida.

Image: School of Communication Arts — Built in 2004, the SCA consists of three, two-story domes, each with a diameter of 120 feet and a height of 34 feet.
Image: Frontier Elementary School — Three domes containing classrooms, a gymnasium, a media center, a music room, and a cafeteria make up Frontier Elementary School.
Image: Locust Grove, Oklahoma is a small community with just 1,200 residents. But in 2007, they passed a bond to add Monolithic Domes to their campus.

Sample Monolithic Dome School Pricing:
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What does a community need and want in a school structure? We think the number one answer to that question is Safety. A Monolithic Dome makes a school that can’t be beat for safety. It not only meets but exceeds FEMA requirements for a structure that provides near-absolute protection.

Monolithic Domes are successful survivors of tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes. They can withstand most manmade disasters and are fire-resistant, termite-proof and rot-proof.

In addition to safety and durability, with a Monolithic Dome school, a community gets an ultra conservative energy-user that can be operated and maintained economically.

A Monolithic Dome facility can consist of one or more domes, each designed to fit a specific need, built at one time or in phases.

The Monolithic staff includes professionals to help design a new campus or add to an existing one, answer all your questions, arrange for a tour of a Monolithic Dome school already in use.

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How To Buy a Monolithic Dome School


When beginning the process to purchase a Monolithic Dome School follow these steps and heed these suggestions. Thirty years of building and designing Monolithic Schools has enabled a tried and true method of designing and building your next safe and energy efficient school building. (Continued…)

Commercial Feasibility Study

Image: Aggieland Dome — The 124′×40′ dome encompasses 12,000 square feet on the ground level and 2,400 square feet on the mezzanine level. The fitness area offers an oversized free weight area, quick circuit area, cardio machines with individual TVs on all 31 pieces, locker rooms with individual shower and dressing areas, and a sauna in the men and women’s locker rooms.  Building was completed in January 2004.

A Feasibility Study is a preliminary study for a project that compares the Monolithic Dome Process to other building systems. This preliminary analysis defines the design and intent of the project and provides an estimated budget and schedule, based on the best available information. Monolithic produces a Feasibility Study to assist a client before full design, management and/or construction services are engaged. (Continued…)

Monolithic Dome Schools in America

The number of Monolithic Dome schools in America continues to grow. This map shows dome school locations in the U.S. City and/or school administrators often contact us after they actually see a Monolithic Dome school facility or learn about its benefits. (Continued…)

Featured Monolithic Dome Schools


America’s schools, both privately and publicly owned, are finding innovative ways to finance construction, seeking structures that will keep students safe from most natural and manmade disasters, and desiring facilities that use a minimum of energy. Read their stories. (Continued…)

Commercial Plan and Design

If you’re concerned about anything related to the planning and design of a Monolithic Dome school church, gym, etc. you will probably find the answer you need in this section. Besides articles by experts and Monolithic Dome owners and/or administrators, it contains tools, such as Googles’s “SketchUp,” for planning a dome and photographs. And new information is frequently added. (Continued…)