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An Architect’s Sketch Book: Domes For Tomorrow II

Image: Sample Pages — front cover

Architect Rick Crandall’s Domes For Tomorrow II is an idea book of innovative, unique Monolithic Dome designs. It includes color photographs and/or drawings of Monolithic facilities designed as schools, churches, homes, gymnasiums, a theater, a shopping center, a nightclub, a planetarium, a yacht club, an apartment complex, a hotel, a theme park, a golf course, a library, a hospital, offices, a bakery, a detention facility, and aircraft hangars.  (Continued…)

Domes and Uses: A Collection of Domes and their Many Uses

Image: Sample pages – Cover

Domes & Uses, both as an Ebook and as a printed text, has nine, information-packed sections that cover virtually everything related to Monolithic Domes. This book’s articles and data are supplemented with photographs, drawings, sketches and floor plans.  (Continued…)

Herb Nordmeyer’s: The Stucco Book – The Basics


Herb’s book covers all the bases and is the best explanation of stucco I have ever read. It’s absolutely ideal for anybody that is in the stucco business, or that may have a need for stucco, or that would like to learn about the benefits of this super material and its many uses. (Continued…)

How to load Monolithic eBooks on a Kindle Fire

Image: Installing a Monolithic ebook on your Kindle Fire is easy.

Installing a Monolithic ebook on your Kindle Fire is easy. I have listed the steps in this article, but the best way to read these steps is by clicking on the fist image, then using the captions to give the step-by-step instructions. (Continued…)

Robert Bissett’s New Design Book


Authored by architectural designer and artist Robert Bissett, this book takes the reader through all the stages required to produce a functional and attractive set of working drawings. The prospective home owner will learn how to start with a pencil-drawn floor plan, build a 3D computer model and produce and publish a complete set of house plans. (Continued…)

The Polyurethane Foam Book


David B. South, President of Monolithic, has plenty to say on the subject of Polyurethane Foam. What began as a fascination in 1969 turned into bread and butter by 1971. (Continued…)

100+ Floor Plans now easily available

Image: Sample Floorplan

More than 100 Monolithic Dome floor plans are now available online as well as in a book. The Monolithic Marketplace and Dome Living: A Creative Guide For Planning Your Monolithic Dream Home contain plans for Monolithic Dome homes, both large and small, simple and elaborate. (Continued…)