The beauty of Whiteacre’s Monolithic Dome Home and the surrounding curvature of the landscape invite guests in for a unique and memorable visit. Most importantly, however, is the well thought out design that always welcomes the Whiteacre family home to their dome.

The Whiteacre Residence—An Elegant Paradise

Matthew and Jari Whiteacre dreamed about building a Monolithic Dome Home for a long time before their dreams became plans. In September 2013, after transforming 1.93 acres of scrub brush, grass and trees into an elegant paradise, the Whiteacres realized their dream and moved into their gorgeous new Monolithic Dome home in College Station, Texas. Graceful curves echoing the curves of the Monolithic Dome are the hallmark of this estate. Read more about this stunning Monolithic Dome Home and view gorgeous photos of the Whiteacre’s home in this article.


A letter from Cascade Domes

Two 15’ ecoshells built by Cascade Domes as part of a stage for a local music festival.

We love to hear from dome builders around the world! It can be hard to build a new business, but the dome building business is definitely worth the time and effort. Recently, we heard from a relatively new dome building company in western Canada—Cascade Domes. Read advice from owner, Steve White.

Monolithic Man Cave featured on Amazing Spaces

Robot Ranch. — Al Schwartz’s 4,144 square-foot earth-sheltered Monolithic Dome dream home, built into the side of a hill, featured on “Amazing Spaces.”

When George Clarke of “George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces” and master craftsman, Will Hardie, took the UK-based reality show on a road trip across Texas in search of some interesting, unique, unusual spaces, they found a truly “Amazing Space”—Al Schwartz’s Robot Ranch.

Celebrity Dome

As the Monolithic Dome becomes more popular, how does it keep its celebrity status from going to its head? Find out in Barry Byers’ latest comic.

Monolithic Newsletter: October 2014

In our October 2014 Roundup, David B. South shares his very personal story of the birth of the Monolithic Dome. Read about and watch the segment “Good Morning Texas” aired featuring David and the Monolithic Dome rental units. Then, watch an amazing shake-table test of a wood-framed dome. Check out our “Interesting Links,” Barry Byers’ latest comic, and don’t miss the chance to see Monolithic’s headquarters in person during our Monolithic Dome Open House on October 18th—details are in the Roundup.

Shake Table Test Shows the Dome Shape is Virtually Earthquake-Proof

During the 1990s, Charles Lin’s Monolithic Dome survived an earthquake unscathed.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia loaded 5.5 tons of sand bags on the top of a 24-foot diameter dome and subjected it to simulated earthquake conditions on their shake tables. Watch the video of the shake-table test and find out if the wood-framed dome survived.

Monolithic dome rentals featured on Good Morning Texas

Monolithic Dome Rental Units in Italy, Texas.

Recently, WFAA Channel 8 featured Monolithic’s president, David South, and his monolithic dome rental units on Good Morning Texas. Reporter, Paige McCoy Smith, traveled to Monolithic’s headquarters in Italy, Texas to interview Mr. South and see first-hand, “How these domestic domes can become dream dwellings for people around the world.”

The Birth of the Monolithic Dome—A Closer Look

David B. South standing in his newly-constructed dome potato cellar, the first dome ever constructed using Monolithic’s patented construction process. April 1976.

From the very first thoughts of geodesic domes to the invention of the Monolithic Dome and finally the Crenosphere, read the personal story of the history of the Monolithic Dome as told by David B. South in his latest President’s Sphere.

For Sale or Lease: Starship Pegasus

Build a special business utilizing the worlds love for the Starships. Available now. Call 510-832-2628 ext 222. Super busy I-35 freeway intersection just south of Dallas. Room to add a huge motel or hotel and much more. Sell Starship memorabilia and Starship food. And have fun.

Completed in 2005, this eye-catching Monolithic Dome stands on the corner of I-35 and Highway 34 in Italy, Texas – just waiting for its next mission. That next mission could be a space-themed restaurant, convenience store, office, beauty salon, barbershop, clothes store – or just about anything an earthling may want to turn it into. It’s now for sale or lease!

Monolithic Newsletter — September 2014

Our September 2014 Roundup features a story and stunning photographs of the Domes of Albion in the tropical paradise of Mauritius. Read about the Sooner State’s “Dome Fever,” where domes are making big news. Save the Date! Monolithic announces their Monolithic Dome Open House will be October 18, 2014. Register for our October workshop and find interesting links for all kinds of domes around the world. Rounding out this edition is Barry Byers’ latest comic, “Those Pesky Tourists.”