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Commercial Monolithic Dome Structures

Monolithic Domes are flexible. They can fill any structural need. So in addition to being designed as homes, schools, churches, sports facilities and bulk storages, they can be factories, prisons or jails, fire stations, administrative or business offices, etc.

Monolithic Domes are the greenest structures currently available. They have the added advantage of a super-strong outer shell and a clear-span interior. Those qualities make the domes a natural choice for virtually any type of building.

For Sale or Lease: Starship Pegasus

Image: Build a special business utilizing the worlds love for the Starships. Available now. Call 510-832-2628 ext 222. Super busy I-35 freeway intersection just south of Dallas. Room to add a huge motel or hotel and much more. Sell Starship memorabilia and Starship food. And have fun.

Completed in 2005, this eye-catching Monolithic Dome stands on the corner of I-35 and Highway 34 in Italy, Texas – just waiting for its next mission. That next mission could be a space-themed restaurant, convenience store, office, beauty salon, barbershop, clothes store – or just about anything an earthling may want to turn it into. It’s now for sale or lease! (Continued…)

Aggieland Fitness Dome

Image: The exterior brick facade provides a beautiful finish. The “rust color” trim matches the brick and gives the facility continuity. A conventional entryway greets members.

Aggieland Fitness Dome was complete in January 2004 and was the world’s first Monolithic Dome fitness center. The 124′ × 40′ dome encompasses 12,000 square. feet on ground level and 2400 square feet on the mezzanine level. “The dome has done all the things I was hoping it would do. It differentiates us from other buildings and brings potential customers through the door,” said Steve Lumpee, owner of Aggieland Fitness in College Station, Texas. (Continued…)

Monolithic Dome Airplane Hangars and the Invention of the Hangar Door

Image: Rendering of a small Monolithic Dome hangar with lateral door used for a private jet. Millions of dollars are spent on private jets and corporate air travel yet these planes are often stored in hangars incapable of protecting the planes during violent weather. A Monolithic Dome hangar is a tiny price to pay to protect a multi-million dollar investment.

Read the story of the invention of the revolutionary Monolithic Dome Airplane Hangar Door in David B. South’s latest President’s Sphere. Monolithic Dome Airplane Hangars are super energy efficient, tornado safe, firesafe and earthquake safe. They are also about as bulletproof as you can make a building. Included in his story, is a sketch of a Monolithic Dome Hangar for the F-35 Airplane. (Continued…)

Natural Ovens Bakery— A “Whole” Lot of Firsts

Image: Shell construction was completed in December 2001.

In 1834 a small settlement in northwest Indiana got its first log cabin. That settlement was Valparaiso, whose name was chosen because of its meaning: vale of paradise. One hundred sixty-nine years later, Valparaiso, now with a population of more than 27,000, got its first Monolithic Dome — a manufacturing facility built by Paul and Barbara Stitt, owners of Natural Ovens Bakery, headquartered in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. (Continued…)

Monolithic Dome Indoor Rodeo Arenas and Horse Barns

Image: A horse “apartment.” Individual stables like this one could be constructed surrounding an outdoor arena.

“Yeh Doggies!” and “Ride ’em, Cowboy!” Gone are the days of pretty girls and dusty ranch hands straddling wooden fences, cheering cowboys on bucking broncos at a local rodeo. During the last decade or so, that local rodeo has evolved into a far more sophisticated indoor event. Monolithic Domes, with their size, energy efficiency and versatility, make perfect rodeo arenas and barns. (Continued…)

Military Praises South Industries Monolithic Dome Project

Image: At Fort Irwin, Colorado, this 75-foot-diameter dome is equipped with windmills and solar collectors.

In 1844 when U.S. Army Captain John C. Fremont and Kit Carson established a rudimentary camp there, Fort Irwin was just a hot, sandy spot in the Mojave Desert. But it grew and grew. By 1979 Fort Irwin became the site of a military, world-class National Training Center. Located in California’s northern San Bernadino County, NTC now has a population of almost 9000. More recently, Fort Irwin has become home to the largest renewable energy project ever established by the Department of Defense (DOD) and Monolithic Domes are now a part of that project. (Continued…)

Monolithic Theme Park Domes: Bringing Fantasies Down To Earth

Image: Winter Wonderland- You are in Switzerland, skating on a beautiful trail that opens onto a large ice pond. You spend the day exploring the ice caves, riding the tram to the restaurant lodge, or shopping in the village. The Monolithic Dome makes this possible in even the hottest areas of the world.

Monolithic Domes — those sturdy, most stationery of stationery structures — have entered a new realm — the realm of fantasy. Rick Crandall, Consulting Architect, says, “Monolithic Domes make perfect fantasy domes, and they are rapidly gaining popularity for fantasy environments such as those in theme parks, water parks, zoos, theaters, planetariums — even shopping malls.” (Continued…)

Xanadu— A Dome in Paradise

Image: Xanadu Island Resort — Ivan Sheinbaum’s first completed Monolithic Dome has three fully furnished apartment suites at Xanadu Island Resort.

Xanadu – Samuel Taylor Coleridge coined that name for his imagined paradise in 1797. Some two hundred years later, Ivan and Judy Sheinbaum began creating their Xanadu – a Monolithic Dome tropical island resort on Ambergris Caye in the West Caribbean nation of Belize. (Continued…)

Disaster Recovery Domes Coming to Texas

What’s one of the first things people need right after a hurricane? According to Peter Fedele, the answer is cash. That’s why he is building a Monolithic Dome outside of Houston to store ATMs, mobile banks, satellite communication equipment, and back up generators for financial institutions. (Continued…)

The Daracel: A Monolithic Dome Milking Parlor with a Carousel

Image: Daracel Dairy Production System — Developed by Thomas G. Miller, the Daracel is a circular, rotating milking system ideally suited for enclosure in a Monolithic Dome.

Recently, Thomas G. Miller, a resident of Orem, Utah with many years of experience in the dairy industry, approached Monolithic with a new idea. At least, it was new to Monolithic, but not new to Mr. Miller. He’d been working on the idea of a Daracel for a long time. “Dara,” said Mr. Miller, “is short for dairy and cel is short for carousel.” (Continued…)

Beam me up, Scottie

Image: Starship Pegasus in its heyday

The Starship, a fully outfitted as a restaurant or fast food operation is available for sale or lease. It has a complete kitchen, a large open space dining and entertainment area, a large walk-in freezer, a security system, and serving and food preparation areas. (Continued…)

Now Playing: The 21st Century Movie Theater

Image: Proposed Movie Theatre

In an interview with Leland, I asked why Monolithic Domes provide the ideal architecture for movie theaters. Leland said, “Theaters should look unique. They always have. That’s tradition with theaters. Monolithic Domes are the perfect structure to provide a unique and interesting theater on the outside and the inside. People are attracted to the unusual.” (Continued…)

Price, Utah: A Review of Its 20-Year-Old Monolithic Dome Complex

Image: Public Works Complex — The Public Works Department of Price, Utah operates in a complex of Monolithic Domes built in 1982 and beautifully landscaped.

A uniqueness in Price, Utah is its four, interconnected Monolithic Domes, serving as its Public Works Complex since 1982. It consists of a three-story dome, 90′×40′, with administrative offices and three additional domes, each measuring 130′×43′, that house a Fire Station, a vehicle and equipment maintenance shop and a storage facility. (Continued…)