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Monolithic Dome Entertainment Centre Planned for Palm Springs, CA

Image: Palm Springs Studio Facility at Cathedral City

Palm Springs Studio Facility at Cathedral City (Rick Crandall)

Image: Super Sound Stage 1
Image: Super Sound Stage 2
Image: Studio Services — 74′ × 24′ oblate Monolithic Dome, 4,417.86sf
Image: Administration and Production — 75′ × 24′ oblate Monolithic Dome, 4,417.86sf
Image: Studio Theatre — 120′ × 40′ oblate Monolithic Dome, 11,309.73sf
Image: Studio Theatre — 120′ × 40′ oblate Monolithic Dome, 11,309.73sf
Image: Commissary/Bar & Dinner Theatre — 75′ × 24′ oblate Monolithic Dome, 4,417.86sf
Image: Digital Sound Stage — 200′ × 65′ oblated Monolithic Dome, 31,415.93sf

The Team: Jack McAdam, a Production Designer for film, theatre, television and theme park concepts, designed the overall master plan presented in this article. His partner on this unique project is Rick Crandall, the principal consulting architect for the Monolithic Dome Institute of Italy, Texas. Both men have been involved for many years with film studios and entertainment centers worldwide.

The Palm Springs Digital Studio and Entertainment Centre: It’s Ultra-Green!

This one-of-a-kind Digital Studio and Entertainment Centre is planned for a five-acre site in Palm Springs, at Cathedral City, California. In this desert location, Monolithic Domes are the ideal “green” construction to oppose the severe desert conditions of extreme summer heat, the intense desert winds and earthquakes.

Since the Monolithic Dome is one of the most environmentally friendly “green” buildings available, we included other “green” support systems just as friendly to the environment. For instance, 180 parking spaces out of 272 are covered with 2,112 mono-crystalline solar panels of 75 watts that produce a total of 158,400 watts of electricity that is distributed throughout the site.

All interiors are illuminated with solid state LEDS with no parts to burn out, making LEDS eco-friendly with a long lifespan. A geothermal system is also planned which is a comparatively inexpensive way to use geothermal energy for heating and cooling, especially in the desert.

The local engineers have also recommended the installation of an artesian well. This area is world-renowned for its artesian waters and hot spring spas. We also have plans for the best drought tolerant plants and trees that will thrive in a desert environment, irrigated by a state-of-the-art grey water and rainwater recycling system. We believe in going “green” is saving the future one step at a time.

SOUND STAGE – The 200’ Monolithic Dome digital stage with a height of 65’ contains 31,415.93 square feet, with adjacent support units for motion pictures, television productions, industrial shows, commercials and special events. The 40’ circular platform, 57’ above the floor, contains mechanical equipment for heat venting and automated cabling for lighting and walkways. Both the under surface of the platform and the walls of the interior are treated with a K-13 acoustic application. A 200’ x 30’ cycloramic green traveler allows major scenes to be constructed entirely using computer-generated imagery (CGI). A control room, camera room and grip room are included for a variety of venues with the stage serviced from sound locks and 8’ x 16’ tall loading doors.

STUDIO SERVICES – This 75’ x 24’ Monolithic Dome, (with a floor area of 4,417.86 square feet) is connected to the stage with a 24’ sound lock canopy. It contains dressing rooms, a green room for performers, and offices for all production departments, including a kitchen and Xerox room. All of the domes’ interiors are treated with a K-13 acoustic application, and most feature skylights of various sizes for natural light.

ADMINISTRATION – A 75’ x 24’ Monolithic Dome, with a floor area of 4,417.86 square feet, contains offices for the general manager, the café manager, the theatre manager and the company accountant. It is connected to the stage with a 24’ sound lock canopy. Editing rooms, a kitchen, toilets and a conference room for meetings and screenings are all support systems to the stage. The receptionist at the entrance has communications to all studio departments including the theatre, the commissary and security.

STUDIO THEATRE – This 120’ x 40’ Monolithic Dome theatre, with a floor area of 11,309.73 square feet, and seating for 150, has a fully equipped booth for sound, lighting and projection. The proscenium opening of 14’ x 28’ features a thrust stage, with a depth of 33’ to the back wall. The stage is equipped with curtains and a projection screen, with a 28’ high grid for scenery. Costumes, make-up and hair, a green room and laundry, with five dressing rooms are easily accessible backstage. The lobby has a theatre gift shop, ticket booth, an events kiosk and a coffee and wine bar with access to the outside patio.

COMMISSARY/BAR & DINNER THEATRE – With a floor area of 4,417.86 square feet this 75’ x 24’ Monolithic Dome with a self-serve ultra-modern open kitchen offers a variety of tasteful menus to the studio crews during the day or to the theatre audience during the evening. It has seating for 140 inside the commissary, plus an extra 100 for dining in the outdoor patio, which features a barbecue menu from the garden gazebo.

MAINTENANCE DOMES – There are five 24’ x 10’ Monolithic Domes required for a variety of services such as: the geo-thermal pump, solar batteries, the artesian well, the utilities and the gardener’s shed. All domes feature a 4’-0” skylight for natural light. Golf carts for security and ground maintenance will be stored in the covered parking area.