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The RecoupAerator — Fresh Filtered Air

Image: The RecoupAerator, Model 200 DX

The RecoupAerator, Model 200 DX

Image: The RecoupAerator, Model 200 DX
Image: The RecoupAerator, Model 200 DX

The EPA and the American Lung Association recommend that, in all cases, proper ventilation be present in the home, before purchasing an air cleaner of any kind. The experts all agree that the most effective way to reduce indoor pollution is to ventilate — remove polluted air and replace it with fresh, outdoor air. However, during the winter or summer, the cost of adequate ventilation almost equals heating and cooling the neighborhood — except with the RecoupAerator, Model 200 DX.

According to UltimateAir®, the RecoupAerator Energy Recovery Ventilator removes polluted indoor air and replaces it with fresh outdoor air, without wasting money you pay to heat or air condition. For as little as 50 cents a day, the RecoupAerator can provide a safe and healthy indoor environment for you and your family.

This ERV unit is above other ERV units listed on our marketplace. Not only is it more efficient, costing less to operate and saving heating and cooling energy, it has unique features to enhance the safety and comfort of your dome.

When activated, the Econocool feature brings cool night air into your home and flushes out warmer indoor air during appropriate, low humidity conditions. This is accomplished by stopping the heat exchange when outside air temperatures are between 55 F to 70 F degrees. EconoCool is designed to reduce dependence on air conditioning, while continuing to provide fresh, filtered air into the home. EconoCool is standard on every RecoupAerator.

Speaking of filtration, the RecoupAerator is rated at MERV 12 and keeps mold spores, pollens and dust from entering your home — even when the EconoCool feature is activated. Unlike stand-alone air cleaners designed for use in a single room with no outdoor air, this whole-house RecoupAerator provides a continual supply of freshly filtered, clean air to every room in your home.

For additional peace of mind, the RecoupAerator can also be wired to a CO2 monitor to insure that the unit operates at maximum ventilation rates, when CO2 levels are elevated.

RecoupAerator Features:

  • 95% heat recovery efficiency
  • High-efficiency GE ECM brushless DC motor
  • Variable speed (70-210 CFM)
  • Up to 69% moisture transfer capability
  • Automatic pressurization balance//offset
  • EconoCool feature
  • Unlimited boost capability
  • Self-balancing
  • No drains or desiccants
  • Easy to maintain
  • 5-year warranty
  • Lifetime trade-up plan
  • This ERV is certified to earn the top Oregon DOE tax credit
  • MERV 12 filtration

Indoor pollution won’t go away. By addressing your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) needs with the RecoupAerator, your house will not only perform better, but you will be creating the healthiest living environment possible for you and your family. Your home will feel alive and comfortable.

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