Fedora Pavlovskiy’s finished 20-foot Ecoshell.

Fedora Pavlovskiy’s finished 20-foot Ecoshell. (Fedor Pavlovskiy)

Russian man builds shotcrete pump and Ecoshell

Fedor Pavlovskiy is a Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop graduate of April 2014. He recently sent us pictures of a shotcrete pump and 20-foot Ecoshell he built in Russia.

“I wish once again to express gratitude for the knowledge and skills that you have shared with me during a workshop, held in April 2014,” wrote Pavlovskiy. “With this knowledge, I was able to implement a project for the construction of Ecoshell 20-foot, as well as using as a prototype Monolithic GHP 1500 designed and made my own shotcrete pump.”

We love the look of the curved doors and windows.

Monolithic Dome Builders Workshops are taught twice yearly in Italy, Texas with classroom and hands-on training. To learn more, visit our Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop page.

Homemade peristaltic shotcrete pump.

Homemade peristaltic shotcrete pump. (Fedor Pavlovskiy)

Fedor Pavlovskiy working hard.

Fedor Pavlovskiy working hard. (Fedor Pavlovskiy)