Dome Christmas lights

The Yorkie dome in Mesa, Arizona all dressed up with Christmas lights. (Glenna Crockett)

Deck the Dome

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. With Christmas a few days away, most people are at home with friends and family. Traditionally, people decorate their homes with trees, lights, wreaths, and more to celebrate the season. Monolithic Domes are no exception.

We are happy to share a few photos of domes decked out for Christmas. Thank you to those who share their photos with us. May you enjoy this season under your roof, round or square.

To learn more about the domes featured, read the following links:

Dome Christmas tree

The living room of the Yorkie dome, showing the Christmas tree. (Glenna Crockett)

Dome staircase

Staircase inside the Yorkie dome. (Glenna Crockett)

Stage decorated for program

Inside the Wasuma Elementary gymnasium, where the stage is decorated for a holiday program. (Jason Mercier)

Stage side view

Side view of the stage. (Jason Mercier)

Staircase garland

A dome home in Manitowoc, Wisconsin features a garland on its exterior staircase. (Paul Stitt)

Dome interior

The inside of the dome home in Wisconsin, featuring more garland on the interior staircase and a Christmas tree. (Paul Stitt)

Entryway tree

The entryway to the Arcadia dome home. The large ceiling allows for a tall Christmas tree. (Stewart Ulrich)

Home mistletoe

The loft of the Arcadia home features lights and of course mistletoe. (Stewart Ulrich)

Front desk

The lobby of the Kasson Public Library is festive for the season. This is the front desk. (Art Tiff)

Front desk

Side view of the front desk. (Art Tiff)

Book tree

A library wouldn’t be complete with a book tree now would it? (Art Tiff)

Small tree

Another area of the library with a small Christmas tree set up. (Art Tiff)

Christmas tree

Another Christmas tree inside the library. (Art Tiff)

Inflatable snowman

Lastly, an inflatable snowman at the Monolthic Dome Institute in Italy, Texas. (Mike South)