Hobbit home

“The Shire of Montana” which includes the Monolithic Dome home built into the side of a hill.

Hobbit Home for sale

Known as the “Shire of Montana,” this unique Monolithic Dome home is the latest to come on the market.

Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series are familiar with the world he created, Middle Earth. It turns out it is located in Montana. At least it could be for the new owner of this Monolithic Dome home, known as the “Hobbit House.”

This home was completed in 2010 and was built into the side of a hill. It was designed to resemble a hobbit’s home in the Shire. It includes 1,075 square feet of space with a master bedroom with a king bed, master bathroom, second bedroom with a twin bed, a dining and living area, gourmet kitchen with granite countertops, and a laundry room with a washer and dryer.

The owners built the home as a tourist attraction in Trout Creek, Montana. It has been rented out to interested people ever since. Along with the home, 20 acres of property are included in the sale. The asking price is $595,000 and the home is being sold fully furnished, including handmade furniture.

Those 20 acres have been carefully planned to make visitors feel as if they are really in the Shire. The home has a thatched roof and a green door. A 2,000 pound rock is at the entrance, carved into a bench in Bali and shipped to Montana. Retaining walls around the home have murals depicting the landscape of the Shire.

Other features on the property include a cement sculpture of Gandalf and his cart, a troll house carved from a 700-year-old cedar tree, a troll bridge, an elf house with a giant mushroom, and more. The owners really gave the property the magical feel of the Shire.

The property is being sold by the owner, Steve Michaels. Interested parties can contact the owner via email at Host@theshireofmontana.com or by phone at 406-827-7200.

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Home front

The stone bench and murals can be seen at the entrance to the home.


A close-up of the murals on the surrounding retaining walls.


The kitchen has many wood accents.

Living room

A view of the kitchen from the living room.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom of the home.

Troll house

The troll house, built from a 700-year-old cedar tree.

Elf house

The elf house on the property with the mushroom in the background.


The Gandalf statute that is at the entrance to the home.