There’s No Place like Dome

Dorothy dreamed of going back home to Kansas after losing her home to a tornado. Kay and Ernie Mudd never have to worry about their dream home because they built a super safe Monolithic Dome, which meets the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s standards for near-absolute protection.

The Dighton, Kansas home, which was featured recently in the Garden City Telegram, is 4,000 square feet and has six bedrooms and four and a half baths. The home’s 25-foot ceilings that span 66 feet across give the dwelling a spacious, airy feel. An adjacent four-car garage is also a Monolithic Dome.

Since moving into their new home about a month ago, the Mudd’s have allowed more than 300 people to walk through tours. “We’ve been trying our best to share with people,” Kay said. “We’re not trying to say ‘Hey look at we have.’ We’re just saying ‘This is what we wanted to do, we did it and if you want to share it with us you can.’ It’s fun — people are curious — why not let them have their curiosity satisfied? I have a special feeling when I’m inside, and other people have expressed that, too.”

The Mudds even went so far as to post a phone number on a wooden pallet outside the front door. “People stop and want to see the house, so now they can call to set up a time to come see it,” Kay said.