Monolithic Success Story

Two times each year, we invite would-be Monolithic Dome builders to our headquarters here in Italy, Texas for a hands-on, five-day workshop. Although participants start out in the classroom, they quickly go out in the field and actually build a dome. The goal is to train the next generation of dome builders who will keep this industry thriving for years to come.

We are especially pleased when one of our workshop participants goes on to make it big. That’s the case with Sunny Cushnie who traveled to our workshop from Canada back in 2001. Sunny arrived in Texas with sketches in hand of his dream dome home.

“But after learning the construction method, I threw the plans away and started over,” he said. After the workshop, Sunny collaborated with Larry Byrne, Monolithic’s chief designer, in planning his dream dome. Shortly thereafter, he purchased equipment from Monolithic and started building.

Recently, Sunny and his partner Colin MacLeod, who now run Great Lakes Dome Company in Southampton, Ontario, were featured in an article in the Daily Commercial News and Construction Record. “We’ve built domes from Halifax to Lake Erie,” Cushnie told the newspaper. “It’s the best building technology we’ve found, and we’ve enjoyed perfecting the art, building quality small structures first, then gradually moving up in size.”

If you too are interested in a building technology that uses nature’s perfect shape, sign up for our May workshop now. Someday we hope to see your name in print too!