GOOD Magazine Showcases Monolithic Domes

Inventor-illustrator Steven Johnson first fell in love with Monolithic Domes when he attended a builders’ workshop in Italy, Texas. This week, he had the opportunity to showcase dome technology in an unusual way - in a cartoon panel for GOOD magazine. Each week, Steve features leading-edge, pioneering designs in a cartoon-style format. His assignment is to find examples of products and ideas that move the world forward in creative ways.

“I actually flew down to Italy, Texas several years ago and attended a workshop, heard David South speak, and sat in and walked around the buildings. I loved them,” he says.

Headlined “Virtually Indestructible Universal Dwelling Solution", the cartoon panel on Monolithic Domes showcases the construction process itself as well as five different properties – a village of Ecoshells in Indonesia and single-family homes in Florida, North Carolina, Colorado and Idaho.

The caption for the panel explains that David B. South originally created the system for a potato storage shed in 1976 but it has since grown to include domes of all sizes for multiple purposes—from gymnasiums to churches—and the concept deserves serious attention for its endless adaptability and its resistance to the extreme forces exerted by tornadoes and hurricanes.

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