Locust Grove Opens New School to Media Tours

One of the first things children learn when they go to school is how to add and subtract. As officials in Locust Grove, Oklahoma were contemplating building a Monolithic Dome school, simple math convinced them it was the only way to go.

For starters they could save $2.5 million over the cost of a conventional building. Secondly, their savings would continue annually in the form of $25,000 in utility costs. It all added up when they tallied the benefits that would come from buildings that could resist an F5 tornado. The result is a five-dome structure that serves as an early learning center for school children.

Television crews in the area recently had the opportunity to tour the new school. A reporter for the The CW 39 described it as a futuristic design that would make Dorothy (of Wizard the Oz fame) proud. Channel 6 News in Tulsa reported that the space-age school looks like it belongs on the television show The Jetsons, adding that the domes don’t cut corners, just costs.