Coating Price Sheet

Estimated life spans are NOT a warranty. Any warranty provided by a product manufacturer will be passed through to the end consumer. Estimated life spans are based on field observation, and product system testing.

All systems include basic surface preparation and appropriate primers. All systems are installed according to product manufactures specifications.

Various color options are available for most coating systems. Special colors, patterns, textures, etc. may require an additional cost (varies by system).

All per square foot costs include: labor (usually including housing and travel expenses), construction materials, and “typical” equipment for each system. Some situations may require the use of additional equipment or labor which is an additional cost. Other localized factors may require a cost adjustment. Contact Monolithic 972/483-7423 for more information.

Detailed pictures and/or an on-site analysis will be required prior to a formal written proposal.

Coating Price Sheet

Coating Type * Estimated Life Description Estimated Cost per S.F.
Paint – High Tensile Acrylic 10 Years 100% Acrylic Paint $2.55
Paint – Silicon Base Coating 20-25 Years Silicon Coating $2.90
Acrylic Stucco – Sprayed Finish 10-15 Years Synthetic Acrylic Stucco $4.15
Acrylic Stucco – Hand Trowel 10-15 Years Synthetic Acrylic Stucco $5.60
Polyurea 25-?? Years Polyurea $5.70
Ceramic Tile 50-?? Years Exterior Grade Tile, adhesively adhered $6.15
Sprayed Concrete 50-?? Years Reinforced sprayed concrete $6.50
Sprayed Concrete – Trowel Finish 50-?? Years Hand worked sprayed concrete $8.15
Metal Cladding 50-?? Years Enamel coated metal “shingles” $7.70
Cultured Stone 50-?? Years Cultured Stone, adhesively adhered $14.00

Monolithic Stucco

Coating Type *Estimated Life Description Estimated Cost per S.F.
Monolithic Stucco not colored 50-?? Years Stucco w/o coating** $2.25
Monolithic Stucco Acrylic Coating 50-?? Years Stucco with acrylic coating with recoats $4.95
Monolithic Stucco with Silicon coating 50-?? Years Stucco with 2 coats of a Silicon coating on the outside with recoats $5.95
 **Note: Stucco should be coated.

updated June 26, 2012

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