Herb Nordmeyer’s: The Stucco Book – The Basics

Everything you need to know for a perfect conventional stucco job, written in a fun-to-read style

The author: Herb Nordmeyer

Recently, I spent some serious time with Herb and learned a lot about him and his life. He is a super-educated stucco man, who not only has college degrees but the practical experience to go with them. Herb has devoted a major part of his life building that experience and improving stucco.


As most people know, stucco is a cement, a concrete-base material that can be hand-applied or sprayed on a wall. For centuries, it’s been a tremendously valuable part of the construction industry, that these days comes in a million variations.

Over the years and with varying rates of success, people have tried modifying stucco by adding other chemicals or by using different techniques. Eventually, most simply concluded that stucco is, in essence, the mortar used for laying brick and block, and with thickening you can make stucco into a sidewalk.

The Stucco Book – The Basics

Herb’s book covers all the bases and is the best explanation of stucco I have ever read. It’s absolutely ideal for anybody that is in the stucco business, or that may have a need for stucco, or that would like to learn about the benefits of this super material and its many uses.

Herb’s website nordybooks.com/stucco describes The Stucco Book as well as other, helpful books. It’s very much worth reviewing.

The book is available thru Amazon.