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Interior Construction Products

Products you choose for the inside of your Monolithic Dome can add to your comfort and feeling of security. At Monolithic, we continually shop for, research and test various devices, that – according to their advertising – were designed to improve everyday life. (Continued…)

"Orion" Series

The Orion Series is a unique, straight-wall floor plan for a dome-home that could encompass two, three, four or five bedrooms. (Continued…)

Monolithic's Favorite Things

We are always on the lookout for things that in some significant way make life safer or more enjoyable. These findings do not necessarily have anything to do with domes. They’re just nice things that somehow improve us or our surroundings. (Continued…)

Dome Building Accessories

We have accessories – specifically, accessories that can make the construction of a Monolithic Dome easier or faster or better. We also have accessories designed to enhance a completed Monolithic Dome. (Continued…)


To help our clients find the professionals they need to turn their Monolithic Dome dream into a reality, we maintain a listing service. It includes Monolithic Dome builders, architects and designers, foam applicators and suppliers, engineers, lending companies, appraisers, and insurance companies. (Continued…)

More About Monolithic Domes


Monolithic Domes have obvious qualities that become apparent to most people as soon as they learn about the materials and technology used in the dome’s construction. We invite you to review them all. (Continued…)



People often ask if and with what the exposed, outer surface of the Airform that blankets a Monolithic Dome can be coated. The answer is “yes” the Airform can be coated with several products that we have tested. In this section, you can read about these products, the procedure used for their application and the research we have done. (Continued…)

Water Filters

We all need clean water. Life on this planet simply is not possible without it. So Monolithic now offers several types of water filtering systems that are effective, easy to assemble or install, easy to maintain and reasonably priced.

We have water filtering systems that can be installed to filter every drop of water used in the home.
We also have a system that can be assembled for emergency use in the home or just about anywhere. It’s the same system that charitable organizations, such as the Texas Baptist Men’s Water Ministry, transport to and set-up in disaster- or war-torn areas.

And we have water filtering systems specifically designed for campers, hikers, bikers, mountain climbers, boaters and outdoor sport enthusiasts. (Continued…)

Residential Feasibility Study


We have a way for you to compare our process for designing and constructing a Monolithic home to other building systems. It’s called a Residential Feasibility Study. Such a Study is an integral part of planning. It lists what you, the client, will provide and what Monolithic provides. (Continued…)

Windows, Doors and Openings

The designers at Monolithic realize the importance of the openings planned for a dome. So, the articles in this section discuss the pros and cons of various windows and door styles, code regulations, window and door openings designed specifically for Monolithic Domes, etc. (Continued…)

Monolithic Dome Shapes


Simply defined, the Monolithic Dome is a super-insulated, steel-reinforced concrete structure that can be designed for virtually any use: office or business complex; school; church, synagogue or temple; gymnasium or sports arena; theater or amphitheater; airplane hangar; factory; bulk storage facility; house or apartment complex; military installation, etc. (Continued…)

'Round To It

This blog welcomes and includes contributions by all Monolithic Dome enthusiasts, as well as illustrated articles that feature interviews we have done with various experts. It also includes fun videos. Best of all, the blog includes a special section in which owners can post information and pictures of a completed Monolithic Dome home that is for sale. We feel that information should be a help to folks wishing to sell their Monolithic Dome home as well as those looking to buy. Please visit the ‘Round To It blog frequently and review items as they’re submitted. (Continued…)

The President's Sphere

David B. South, co-inventor of the Monolithic Dome and founder and president of Monolithic, works hard at spreading the word about Monolithic Domes, sharing information and providing suggestions. In the President’s Sphere, David talks about topics related specifically to the construction and care of Monolithic Domes, such as the super insulation and energy efficiency of the domes, their ability to survive virtually any natural or manmade disaster, and Monolithic’s ongoing research and testing of new products. In addition, David talks about and offers solutions to social problems and concerns, such as our nation’s dire need for safe, clean, affordable housing. We invite you to frequently visit the President’s Sphere and review the articles as they’re added. (Continued…)

Commercial Plan and Design

If you’re concerned about anything related to the planning and design of a Monolithic Dome school church, gym, etc. you will probably find the answer you need in this section. Besides articles by experts and Monolithic Dome owners and/or administrators, it contains tools, such as Googles’s “SketchUp,” for planning a dome and photographs. And new information is frequently added.

To read information about Residential Plan & Design, click here. (Continued…)