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An Architect’s Sketch Book: Domes For Tomorrow II

Image: Sample Pages — front cover

Architect Rick Crandall’s Domes For Tomorrow II is an idea book of innovative, unique Monolithic Dome designs. It includes color photographs and/or drawings of Monolithic facilities designed as schools, churches, homes, gymnasiums, a theater, a shopping center, a nightclub, a planetarium, a yacht club, an apartment complex, a hotel, a theme park, a golf course, a library, a hospital, offices, a bakery, a detention facility, and aircraft hangars.  (Continued…)

Domes and Uses: A Collection of Domes and their Many Uses

Image: Sample pages – Cover

Domes & Uses, both as an Ebook and as a printed text, has nine, information-packed sections that cover virtually everything related to Monolithic Domes. This book’s articles and data are supplemented with photographs, drawings, sketches and floor plans.  (Continued…)

Herb Nordmeyer’s: The Stucco Book – The Basics


Herb’s book covers all the bases and is the best explanation of stucco I have ever read. It’s absolutely ideal for anybody that is in the stucco business, or that may have a need for stucco, or that would like to learn about the benefits of this super material and its many uses. (Continued…)

How to load Monolithic eBooks on a Kindle Fire

Image: Installing a Monolithic ebook on your Kindle Fire is easy.

Installing a Monolithic ebook on your Kindle Fire is easy. I have listed the steps in this article, but the best way to read these steps is by clicking on the fist image, then using the captions to give the step-by-step instructions. (Continued…)

Robert Bissett’s New Design Book


Authored by architectural designer and artist Robert Bissett, this book takes the reader through all the stages required to produce a functional and attractive set of working drawings. The prospective home owner will learn how to start with a pencil-drawn floor plan, build a 3D computer model and produce and publish a complete set of house plans. (Continued…)

Spray-in-Place Concrete Fences: How to Get Just the Look You Want

Image: Spray-in-place security — Fence with washed aggregate surface

Monolithic has a 25-page manual that details the start-to-finish steps for building an attractive, permanent and economical concrete fence. It comes with diagrams and photos of the construction process and includes a discussion of shotcrete and concrete design mix. (Continued…)

“Dome Sweet Home” Now Downloadable

Image: Book Cover

Two dome-owners and the owner of a home improvement business co-authored “Dome Sweet Home,” a detailed description of the Monolithic Dome building process. (Continued…)

The Polyurethane Foam Book


David B. South, President of Monolithic, has plenty to say on the subject of Polyurethane Foam. What began as a fascination in 1969 turned into bread and butter by 1971. (Continued…)

January 2005 – Think Round: The Story of David B. South


The story of David B. South – a man whose foresight and determination led to the invention of the Monolithic Dome - is perfectly summarized in the title of a new book about his life: Think Round: The Story of David B. South and the Monolithic Dome as told to Freda Parker. (Continued…)

Practical Design of Concrete Shells: An Invaluable Reference Text

Image: Dr. Wilson’s book is a reference text on the construction of concrete thin shell structures, specifically written for engineers, architects, builders and students of those disciplines. On the cover is the fabulous Dome of a Home located in Pensacola, Florida and operated as a luxurious vacation resort.  This dome is a prime example of a thin shell concrete dome that is not only beautiful but has the proven ability to withstand hurricanes.

After Dr. Wilson completed a 40-year teaching career and earned the title of Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at Brigham Young University (BYU) and after he completed more than 30 years as Monolithic’s Senior Consulting Engineer, he wrote a book. (Continued…)

100+ Floor Plans now easily available

Image: Sample Floorplan

More than 100 Monolithic Dome floor plans are now available online as well as in a book. The Monolithic Marketplace and Dome Living: A Creative Guide For Planning Your Monolithic Dream Home contain plans for Monolithic Dome homes, both large and small, simple and elaborate. (Continued…)