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The Monolithic Airform


Monolithic’s construction process demands an Airform. It’s an integral part of every Monolithic Dome, Monolithic Cabin, EcoShell and Crenosphere. The Monolithic Airform is a balloonlike, inflatable structure that determines the shape and size of a dome. It’s made of PVC-coated nylon or polyester fabric, available in several weights and a rainbow of colors. Each Monolithic Airform is designed for a specific project and manufactured in Bruco, our 240′ × 60′ factory equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. At Bruco, Monolithic also designs and manufactures other specialty fabric structures, such as compost covers, grain covers, condensate ceilings, methane tank liners, water tank diaphragms and tension tarps. (Continued…)

Surplus Airform

What a bargain! Monolithic does not often have surplus Airform that could be used to construct a Monolithic Dome or EcoShell. But when we do, it’s wise to see if one is available in a size that might work for you. (Continued…)

Buy An Airform

Airforms for Monolithic Domes are ordered by the square footage of the gross surface area, the number of augmentations, and patterning charges. Calculate the surface area of the Monolithic Dome to be constructed. Look up the square-foot cost in the appropriate table. Multiply the surface area times the cost per square foot. (Continued…)

Bruco – A Very Busy Caterpillar

Image: Makeover — In Summer 2001, Bruco got a makeover and now has a multi-colored coat to complement his flirty eyes, smiley mouth and glow-in-the-dark cowboy boots.

With its flirty eyes, smiley mouth and cowboy boots that glow in the dark, Bruco, our manufacturing plant in Italy, Texas, looks nothing like a typical factory. But while Bruco might look like a playful, giant caterpillar on the outside, it’s serious work on the inside. (Continued…)

How to Attach an Airform

Image: Preparing Ring Beam — Rebar is bent over so that the Airform can be slid over the rebar and attached to the footing.

The Airform is a highly engineered fabric structure that should be handled with great care. Many factors enter into its attachment to the concrete foundation. (Continued…)


Image: OMEGAball — “OMEGAball” stands for Oversized, Monolithic, Enormous, Gigantic, Airformed Ball.

It was 100 degrees outside on July 4th, 1980 in Menan, Idaho. The town was having a huge celebration complete with a flag-raising, sunrise breakfast, booths, games, parade, fireworks and a dance. Normally, at an occasion such as this, the kids would be running around competing in the three-legged race and bean-bag toss, and the adults would be relaxing under the big shade trees, but not this year. No, this year the adults were sweating and running under the sun the same as the kids. The adults were playing OMEGAball – a game no one can resist. (Continued…)