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"Io" Series

The Io Series of floor plans includes our small studio domes that range from 20 to 29 feet in diameter. These floor plans are designed as efficiency, one-bedroom and two-bedroom dwellings. (Continued…)

Annual Monolithic Dome Tour

The annual Monolithic Dome Tour is held in the fall of each year. This event is designed to bring the current Monolithic Dome enthusiasts together with the curious to help spread the word about the Monolithic dome and its many benefits.

2014 Dome Tour Schedule:

  • Saturday, October 18, 2014
    • 10:00am to 4:00pm

At the Monolithic Campus in Italy, Texas there will be four luxury homes, 7,000sf of office space, a 14,000sf manufacturing facility, dozens of rental units including our Io-20s and Monolithic Cabins and Ecoshell storage buildings available to tour during this event. (Continued…)

Blogs: Construction

Our experts on the construction of Monolithic Domes contribute to this blog. They write about the progress and problems they might encounter at a specific job site; new products such as, Monolithic stucco; new technology such as our introduction of “Strain Sensors” to Monolithic construction; and new tools and equipment such as the “Paxis 10 Scaffold.” Most of the articles include a generous amount of photographs and diagrams. In addition to articles, this blog includes videos. For example in one video, you can see Monolithic’s Paxis 10 Scaffold in action. New information is often added for your review. (Continued…)

Featured Monolithic Dome Churches


Many churches are not the simple structures they used to be. Modern ones often include sophisticated audio/video equipment, nationwide radio and TV broadcasting, stages for drama productions, theme buildings, etc. Follow this link to stories about Monolithic Dome churches with such features. (Continued…)

Floor Plans by number of bedrooms

One of the first factors many home planners think about is how many bedrooms they need/want in their dream dome-home. We’ve simplified this process by organizing our designs based on the number of bedrooms each includes. That floor plan cataloging ranges from one bedroom to six bedroom and more. (Continued…)

Monolithic Churches: New Developments


Planning, particularly when it involves more than one person, is not always easy. Yet detailed planning is the key to building the worship facility your congregation needs and wants. Follow this link to ideas and information on just what to include in your planning and what’s new in church construction. (Continued…)

Monolithic Dome Benefits: Energy

The Monolithic Dome is a micro-energy user. It needs a minimum of energy to maintain a comfortable interior, usually one fourth of that used by other types of structures. In fact, it takes less energy to heat or cool a Monolithic Dome than it does to heat or cool a super-insulated metal building or a conventional house blanketed in an airtight wrap. Read more about the energy-saving benefits of the Monolithic Dome. (Continued…)

Monolithic Dome Fertilizer Blend Plants


Monolithic has been building Monolithic Dome fertilizer blend plants for over 35 years! Capitalize on Monolithic’s superior experience and explore the articles, links, videos and photos found in our “Fertilizer Blend Plant” topic.

You can read about the first Monolithic Dome fertilizer blend plant still in use, built in 1978 in Chandler, Oklahoma. Read what the managers of the Monolithic fertilizer blend plant in Bryan, Texas have to say about how the Monolithic Dome keeps everything so “dry and clean.” You can view Monolithic’s Fertilizer Blend Plant Video. Within the articles you will see many beautiful Monolithic Dome fertilizer blend plant photos. You can find sketches, diagrams, sections and rough floor plans for the blend plants. Read how a Monolithic Dome provides moisture control, energy efficiency, disaster resistance, low-maintenance and high durability. You will also read how the circular shape provides a distinct advantage over other shapes for fertilizer blend plants. (Continued…)

More about Concrete Mixers


The Monolithic Portable Concrete Mixer brings the term “portable concrete mixer” to a whole new level. All shotcrete companies, whether they build Monolithic Domes or not, should own a Monolithic Portable Mixer. Even on large jobs that are serviced by ready-mix trucks, it is amazing how helpful it is to have a Monolithic Portable Mixer attachment on a skid-steer. (Continued…)