Free Building Assessment

We would invite you to have a Free Assessment done of your school buildings. Whether your school buildings are old and tired, or more are needed we can help. And help with the money as well. It costs you nothing for the Assessment.

We offer to do the Free Assessment of your school buildings with the goal of cutting monthly utility costs as well as maintenance costs. The Free Assessment will be done by professionals who know what they are doing. It will not be interruptive nor take long. The plan is to get a quick assessment and a written plan back to the school.

If there is a need determined - a solution will be suggested. The solution will include working with professional grant writers, experts in engineering and architecture, and funders to provide the money. In many cases no immediate cash is needed. The funding can often be from savings alone.

If your power and heating bills are too high. If you have serious need of repairs. If there is a question about whether to replace or fix. Please let us help to determine your needs. Again the initial look is a Free Assessment.

Please contact us here at Monolithic. We will make an appointment for the Free Assessment as soon as practical.

Thank you for your time and interest to improve your school.

Contact us by calling 972-483-7423 or