Monolithic Dome Builders List

This list is made for those professionals that have paid a small fee to get their names put on our website. This is not an endorsement. PLEASE do your due diligence while dealing with any of these builders; check references.

South Industries, Inc.

Andrew South and Randy South
910 Twin Butte Road, Menan ID 83434
208/754-4433 fax

Randy South, one of the original inventors of the Monolithic dome process, with Andrew and several of his other six sons now custom building domes as a family business. Certainly qualified after inventing and perfecting many of the standard practices used in the construction of domes of all sizes all over the world. WORLDWIDE.

R&S Lifeline Domes, LLC

Raymond Ansel
1918 Cole Street, West Plains, MO 65775

We are mobile and licensed in several states. We have built over 200 Domes and have taken 90% of those projects from A to Z. Experienced in both commercial and residential.

Monolithic Constructors, Inc.

David B. South & Gary L. Clark
177 Dome Park Place, Italy, TX 76651

Almost 30 years of Monolithic Dome construction experience. Top notch crews available Nationwide and Internationally. Residential, commercial, industrial and educational facilities.

Canadian Dome Industries, Ltd.

Robert Phillips & Andrew Trapp
4 Peters Ave, PO Box 26053, Saskatoon, SK S7K 8C1, Canada

Monolithic Constructors of Poland

Jan Pregowski
Palowicka 155, D Belk 44-237 Poland
Fax 01148324313207

For more information visit also you can contact Jan at

Rock Solid Domes

Nathaniel Hatcher
140 Rains Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203-5316

Hildebrand Construction, Inc.

Dan Hildebrand
P.O. Box 4098, Hollywood, CA 90078

Worldwide EcoShell Application Specialists: Involved in the recent large-scale EcoShell construction project in Indonesia (80 structures). Available for large scale Commercial, Housing Redevelopment and Emergency Shelter EcoShell applications. Watch the video at Three time Monolithic Dome Construction course attendee, experienced in Monolithic and EcoShell construction.
This year Hildebrand Construction has completed two EcoShells for homebuilding expos held in Palm Springs and Santa Monica, CA as well as a 40 foot diameter EcoShell in Haiti. This EcoShell was the first community building for the Haiti HERO organization. Also Hildebrand Construction built a Monolithic Dome in Grass Valley, CA and a triple Monolithic Dome in Queensland, Australia.

Von Domes

Toaray Von Dayme
Australian Thin-shell Concrete Dome Manufacturer
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Dome Homes & Shelters

Bob Hendricks
18801 Bald Hill Road SE
Yelm, Washington 98597

PLEASE NOTE: Inclusion in our listing service is not equivalent to a recommendation. Monolithic strongly advises that clients check references and inspect completed projects before signing a contract.